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Welcome to our blog!


Welcome to our blog, this place is yours too! So feel free to interact with us.

First of all let me introduce to you our company and offering.


Our objective is to improve dramatically efficiency and productivity in field service. Now any business around the world can have the benefits of a robust enterprise systems hosted into the Cloud without the traditional IT inconveniences. You just need to have an internet connection, a web browser and a smartphone.

What does do?

Scheduling and dispatch – Hard to find the right worker?Synchroteam makes it easy as dragging and dropping a job onto his availability, Competencies and location.

Track – Synchroteam shows you in real-time the location of your offices, workers, customers and display them on a map.

Report – Contextual form to get the right information immediately, signature capture, and validation workflow.

Customize – Every business is different. Synchroteam allows you to fully customize your workflow and the report.

Who is for? helps businesses in many industries to manage efficiently their mobile workers, simplify their processes and optimize their costs per revenue.

  • Utilities
  • Maintenance
  • Transport / Delivery


  • Eliminate paper forms / Liberate mobile employees from having to manually complete paper based forms
  • Reduce the amount of manual entry / Decrease the likelihood of human error
  • Track employees’ activities, holidays, working hours and overtime
  • Allocate work to the closest and most appropriately skilled employee

There is a lot more than we can talk here. So have a try!

Best regards,

François Pichon


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