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July Release is now live!


  • New – Subscription plan: a new (hard discounted) yearly pre-payment plan is offered to new or existing customers
  • New – Weekly Jobs: new view under the « job » tab to display jobs for a given week
  • New – Export Data: new preset template to export daily travel distance per technician
  • New – Report: Display the name of the person that signed the report
  • Update – Data Import and Export: Your imported/exported CSV files can be mapped to our default fields AND to your custom fields
  • Update – QR Code: Added security layer – Access by PIN (Personal Indentification Number)
  • Update – Job creation: Can now add complete contact information (name, phone, e-mail) from the job creation screen
  • Update – Mandatory fields: mandatory fields are much more clearly identificated in the forms

Mobile Clients

  • New – Job creation: geocoding and reverse-geocoding to automatically retrieve the job address or to tag a new customer
  • New – Job #: The Job # is now displayed on both the job list and job detail
  • Update – Job creation: The job description can now be entered
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