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Synchroteam update available on May 14th 9pm GMT

List of new functionalities

  • Barcode integration (Mobile App)
  • Job description optional
  • Linking job type and priority
  • Job Creation in the Back-Office (Technician profile)
  • Blocking Customer/Site/Equipment creation
  • Job Creator ID
  • Job report: new numerical and conditional field
  • User Address
  • Meeting time

Functionalities in detail

Barcode integration (Mobile App)
A new Barcode icon is available in Photo section on the Mobile App. Technicians will be able to scan Barcodes using the camera. Both the barcode photo and barcode value will be captured and associated with the Job and displayed on the Back-office. They will also be available for Export using a Custom Export Template.

Job description optional
A switch will be added (on/off) to cancel mandatory description for Job creation (same function on Mobile)

Linking job type and priority
Default Job priority will be determined by Job type. It means we will add the possibility to define a default priority for a Job type in the detail view.

Job Creation in the Back-Office (Technician profile)
A technician will be able to create a Job on the Web Back-office interface (same workflow as on a mobile device). A field worker can create a job for himself, or in “to be scheduled” status.

Blocking Customer/Site/Equipment creation
A configuration option will be added to turn on/off customer/site/equipment creation on mobile and Back-Office.

Job Creator ID
We will record the job creator ID in our Database. The name of the person the created the job will be displayed in the job detail (Mobile and Back-office)

Job report: new numerical and conditional field
The numeric item type will be added to job report templates. If used as a Conditional item, you use comparision operators (equal to, greater than, less than, etc.).

User Address
We will add a geocoded address for each user. In the Map tab this address will be considered as the starting/ending location. We will add a “Distance” column in the “Technician Activity” report.

Meeting time
When creating a job, the user (technician or manager) should be able to specify a meeting time. We will add this information in the “job creation” view and in the “job detail” view. When scheduling a job the starting time will necessarily be the meeting time. This rule should be managed in the planning view and in the schedule “pop-up”.

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