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Synchroteam Creates The Field Service Manager’s Command Center

PARIS, France. 30 May 2013 – Synchroteam – the top-rated cloud-based app for Field Service industries – has launched an app “ecosystem” that extend the power of Synchroteam with built-in integrations that connect with the most important Cloud business apps to become a central command center for business users.

Ranked number one in the “Field Service Management” category on (the world’s largest SaaS and cloud-based business app marketplace), Synchroteam’s new connectors – powered by CloudWork – enable companies to better manage the flow of information through their Field Service Management operations. Synchroteam is dedicated to helping customers to grow service revenue and to maintain a focus on providing high-quality and timely, on-site service responses while limiting the costs associated with managing a mobile, technical workforce.

New Synchroteam integrations allow for seamless transfer of customer information between a range of common cloud business apps including email campaign apps (Campaign Monitor and MailChimp), book-keeping apps (FreshBooks) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools (including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Highrise, capsule CRM and Zoho CRM). Integrations also help field services management businesses automate backup of site photos to Dropbox and Google Drive, and can integrate job delivery with Google Calendar, giving a time visualization of all works carried out.

“More and more of our customers are using several cloud-based apps to manage their field services management business. In particular, we have seen the explosion of CRM apps amongst our business users. Our integrations mean that the workflow for mobile workforce and job allocation managers doesn’t need to change, yet details of their customer engagement and details of job progress can now be integrated with the enterprise-wide CRM database,” said François Pichon, Director of Development at Synchroteam.

“Service companies can stay focused on providing an exemplary service to their customers, while automating the flow of information through their business operations. Customers can be added to email subscriber lists, contact information can be automatically added to invoicing systems, job completion photos can be automatically saved to a cloud backup service. All of these new integrations put the field services manager at the command center of their business operations, without adding to administrative resourcing requirements,” said Mr Pichon.

The new integration features provide Synchroteam with an initial catalog of 27 app integrations to choose from. Each one is modeled on an exact business case and allows users to simply click-and-connect to start integrating data, without any coding requirements or complexity.

The 27 integrations are available as part of the monthly services provided to Synchroteam subscribers.

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