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Synchroteam Integration Features – A Quick Look Guide

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Synchroteam is a top performer in the Field Service Management software (FSM) category. In our previous review of Synchroteam we looked at their main features and today we are diving into their recently introduced built-in integrations to connect with the most popular business apps.

Let´s see how it looks like and why it is an important move for companies using a FSM app.

From Managing a Field Service Workforce to a Complete Command Center

Synchroteam’s new features extend the app from scheduling and managing a field service workforce to being the central command center for any business offering on-site services: security, cleaning contractors, HVAC installation and repair, construction, pest control, transport maintenance, engineering, kitchen support…

Their portfolio of new integrations allows Synchroteam users to better manage project administration and customer relationships from their Field Service Management app.

Synchroteam manages a business’ mobile workforce: allocating staff time, monitoring quality service delivery, and providing technicians with the job details they need, direct to their mobile (including maps and traffic updates, specific job requirements and equipment details, and features to encourage before and after photos of work sites to be taken to track service outcomes).

Synchroteam’s new integration features (powered by CloudWork a service affiliated to GetApp) recognize that the management of a mobile workforce is the central operational spine for Field Service companies. These new integrations allow for better customer relationship management, and ensure customer job information is managed across a suite of business apps that may be in use, including cloud storage services. Read more


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