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Synchroteam v3: Important Announcement

First off we would like to wish you happiness and success for 2014.

And, to start the year on the right foot, we are happy to announce that version 3 of Synchroteam is now available. This new version offers an improved management interface optimized for a wide range of screen sizes, from tablets to large widescreen monitors. Moreover, we have added new features as we continue to strive to make job management as easy as possible for any industry, or any size team.

Synchroteam v.3 is the only solution on the market capable of optimizing and managing your field operations, by providing you with:

  • Clear reports with a precise view of travel times and work duration, be it for a single worker or an entire team;
  • An interactive schedule that instantly shows you job progress and resource allocation so that you can react accordingly;
  • A scheduling optimization wizard that helps you find the worker with the right skill set for the job, and takes physical location into account (earliest arrival or shortest travel distance); and,
  • A 360° notification system that enhances collaboration within your team. Every worker or manager is automatically notified in real time as soon as a job status changes: Created, Scheduled, Started, Paused, Completed, etc.

In order to try this new version and benefit from the new features, starting January 13th, modify your custom Synchroteam web domain by adding “/app” on the end, like this:

As always, if you have any comments or questions, you can create a support ticket at //

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