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Skills, Recurrency and Fleet Management

Synchroteam v3.3 released on May 27th, 2014

Skills management – Tag: new interface to create / delete tags with filter to identify unused tags. Tag is an easy way to associate skills to Field Workers to match them to Job requirements

Recurrent Jobs: dates can now be inserted manually. Use recurrent Job definitions to automatically create Job instances at predetermined dates and times (until a chosen end date) for a specific customer, site or equipment

Custom Job Number: Job # can be now set manually your numbering scheme

Job Report: new “Signature” item and photo upload report items

Fleet management: new API + integration. Access location information and status for every vehicle in real time

Accounting: new Xero and Sage integrations. Export quotations & invoices to your Xero or Sage accounting solution

Job history: your Field Workers get access to Job history for a given customer

Issues: By popular demand a report new status has been created – Issues. This status can be set for any item of the Job Report from the mobile device (android only – iOS to come). If an issue has been created by the Field Worker, the Manager will immediately be alerted in the Back-office and will be able to perform a one click Job duplication and schedule to  solve this issue.

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