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May 13th release: multi-job mode and status log

Updates in this release 

Projects ( or Multi-Job mode): We have added the notion of Projects to Synchroteam. It allows you to specify a job sequence and monitor progress for the set. You can define Project Types, and each will have a default Job Sequence. For example, you can create a “Standard Project” type that requires a sequence of four jobs:  Pre-visit, Installation, Quality Control and Post-visit. Any new “Standard Project” you create will use this sequence. Once a project is created, you can decide to add or remove jobs from the sequence (this does not impact the default Multi-job sequence). Each job can be scheduled and managed independently, and can refer to differing skill sets. We also provide a progress indicator for an at-a-glance view of work advancement.

Job sequence setting

Job sequence setting


Job sequence advancement

Job sequence advancement







Technician Status Log: From the mobile application, the technician can complete his daily schedule by logging events, such as: Start of day, In transit, At the office, Lunch break, etc. This new function also allows your techs to enter periods of unavailability, like vacation or sick days.

New Connector – XERO: Automatically send invoice data to your Xero account from Synchroteam. is a provider of online accounting software.



Customer Portal: Added two-step authentication. You still share the same public link with your customer, and for added security and privacy, you can now send them a private access key that provides them access to their protected space.

Reporting: Added “Week Number” to custom report fields

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