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A new website for!

You know how most people make changes as part of their new year resolution? Well, here at Synchroteam we’ve gotten a head start.

First we got a shiny new office in Paris, then we set up an entirely new base in Miami. To make sure 2015 goes out in style, we’ve topped it all off with a bright, usable new version of our website, so that you have an even easier time finding what you need.


2015 was a busy year for Synchroteam!

Where to find important pages on the new Synchroteam website

Free trial

Synchroteam is awesome, you know it, we know it. Now find out just HOW awesome with a totally functional, 14-day free trial. No strings, no credit cards and FULL support. You know you want to.


Since I’m the one who writes the blog, I’m totally going to try and sell you this one. We’ve reorganized to make it fresher and easier to navigate through topics and articles, and it looks – and works – a whole lot better on mobile. Don’t worry: the high-quality writing remains the same and in the upcoming months, we’ll be focusing on HVAC, plumbing and maintenance businesses with mobile teams.

Product tour

If you still need convincing, browse the Synchroteam product tour. This runs you through all the features and lets you know just how much you’ll benefit from integrating it into your workflow. We’ve also got some nice videos that take you through the most useful features.

Getting social with Synchroteam

Finally, don’t just take my word for it (although I’m totally legit). Loads of service businesses think Synchroteam is awesome – check out our testimonials here.

While you’re here, follow us on social media too. Over on Twitter, we focus on field service, fleet technology, and business, while, on Facebook, we look at strategy, sales, marketing, and growth for your service business. Feel free to hook up on LinkedIn too, we’d love to meet you.

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