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Synchroteam Affiliate Program launched this week

HQ kicked off this week with the launch of the brand-new Synchroteam Affiliate Program for our favourite clients and fans!

This is great news for you, because by doing barely anything at all, you could earn a nice 20% commission on all revenues generated by new clients YOU recommend.

So how does the Synchroteam Affiliate Program work?

Ok, it works like this. You like Synchroteam? Great, we love you too! Now, recommend us to a company that you know could do with our help, making sure to use the special code we’ll give you when you sign up, no matter if you’re sharing it by email, Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn or your blog.

Find out about the Synchroteam Affiliate Program

If they purchase a Synchroteam license, you’ll earn a 20% commission fee without having to do anything else. Your commission is worked out automatically and paid at the end of every month via Paypal. If you want to check up on how your affiliates are doing, you can log into your private reseller account and check it all out.

Crucially, you don’t need to be a Synchroteam customer to use this program. If you think you have friends, colleagues, clients or affiliates who might benefit from using Synchroteam then this program is for you.

How to sign up as a Synchroteam reseller

Hop on over to the Affiliate Page to have a closer look and sign up for the Synchroteam Affiliate Program. Don’t spam your contacts, ok? That wouldn’t be cool.

Long-term earnings for very little effort? If that sounds like something you’re interested in, great! Click through to the Synchroteam Affiliate Program and sign up!

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