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Blogging for HVAC Companies

In our last post, we looked at how you can use search engines for success by reserving your business space online. However, reserving your location is only part of the bigger picture, because search engines use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to figure out which websites go to the top of a search. Today, we’re going to look about how blogging for HVAC can help your brand.

Say, for example, a customer searched for an air con company in Boston. The first company to come up is “Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning” and it’s easy to see why. This company has a busy, regularly updated, blog.

Blogging is an effective and inexpensive way to boost your search ranking and get your company to the front page of search engine results in your area.

What Can HVAC Companies Blog About?

Perhaps heating, ventilation, and air conditioning might not be the most exciting topics to write about so we’ve got some suggestions for you to get you started.

Why Is My?

Answer the ‘why is my’ question with your blog. To find out what popular questions are about air conditioning we simply asked Google and these are the types of queries that people type:

Why is my aircon question

You are, after all, the expert in your field. You answer all these kind of questions every day, so you’re best qualified to answer.

As you can see, people ask Google questions about HVAC all the time. If you can answer this kind of question on your blog, you’ll easily be able to convert local queries to customers.

Write Relevant Blogs For Your Audience

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you’re based in Alaska and you know a freeze is coming, write about how to keep your heating going in extreme cold. If you’re based in the South, and you hear about a heatwave on the way, write about how air conditioning can regulate the temperature in the office and home.

Tips, Tricks, And How-To

There are some jobs in the home that even the most seasoned HVAC professional doesn’t need to do on a call out, such as bleed a radiator. So why not write an instructional blogpost, or even film a short video showing your customers how to do it themselves. This will show customers that you are an authority in your area, and build trust.

Money Saving/Efficiency Advice

Everybody loves to save money. Write a blog post for your customers on how to use the appliances they already have efficiently. Is it more cost effective to keep your offices at a constant medium temperature, or to keep the offices at a lower temperature with a boost every now and again? How insulation and a proper airtight building can save money in the long run.

Use Social Media To Share Your Content

When you write a blogpost, don’t forget to share it. The more times a blog is shared and read, the more likely it is to go to the top of a search engine query. Use your customer email, and include them in your blog mailing list (with their permission). This gives you a great opportunity to remind your customers of what you do, and how you’re always available to discuss their needs.

Use tools to maximize sharing

We use Buffer to help share our blog posts

Share your blogposts on social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter and don’t be afraid to tag other HVAC companies, not forgetting Synchroteam of course, in your posts. We’re always happy to share interesting blogs and updates with our followers and readers.

Do you blog for your HVAC business? We’d love to hear more about what works for you and how you’ve found it adds to your business!

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