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5 tips for a hypnotizing HVAC website!

How Does Your Website Grow?

So you have a HVAC website and you’re wondering why so few people stay on it. Let’s face it, HVAC topics can be a hard sell sometimes. If you follow our guidelines, however, there’s no reason why you can’t outshine the rest!

Stay Connected

Do you have social networks for your HVAC company? Make sure to include them on your company website, and make sure those links are ‘clickable’ and open on a separate page or tab.

open new links in new tabs

Check your link settings

Once you attract a visitor to your website, you want them to hang around and see what you’re about. If you direct people way from your site, make sure that the link opens in a new tab. This way the visitors can always return to the original page and you lose less traffic down the rabbit hole that social media can be!

What’s On Your HVAC Website?

Is your website full of text with very few pictures? Is it rich in content and engaging?

Where you do have pictures are you using stock images? We’ve all seen the lovely websites with the same smiley staff members and wondered where we’d seen that friendly (and strangely good-looking) office worker before!

Synchroteam office wall

Ok, so it’s not an employee, but it IS our real office!

One of the greatest assets your company will ever have is your workers. So why not champion the staff and use pictures of them working? This is a great way to engage customers with the work that your team does and to help them identify the people they will meet on a service call.

YouTube And Video

Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? YouTube itself has a powerful search engine which plugs back into Google. You can’t afford not to be on YouTube with your own company-specific channel if search is important to your HVAC company.

The good news is that videos you post on YouTube will boost your search ranking. You can use your channel to share simple fixes for common customer complaints, show a typical day for a service engineer, or even a walkthrough of a recent project. YouTube videos can be easily embedded into most websites and blogs, which you can set to automatically play. Auto-play will increase your views on your channel and ultimately improve your search ranking even further.

Be Responsive

How does your HVAC website look on different devices? Does it adapt to the size of the device you’re using? Does it scale to a handheld smartphone, then increase in size for a tablet, and look completely different on a desktop? If so then you’ve aced one of the most important website tests there is.

Responsive Design Testing

Test the responsiveness of your site with a tool like this

Having a ‘responsive website’ is extremely important on today’s internet. The majority of visitors to your website will use a smartphone to find you. If your website doesn’t work on a smartphone, then it’s time to review your settings.

Keep Customers Informed

It’s always a good idea to use your website to inform your customers of news, updates, and special offers. It’s natural that your news should go onto your website, even if you do enjoy the instant gratification of sharing good news on social media. We’d advise you mark an occasion for posterity and use your website as well.

Even better, why not pop an email subscription box underneath your news, or on the footer of your website? If you can catch the attention of a visitor for long enough they’ll sign up. Treat each email address like gold-dust. It’s a sign that you’re doing something right, that people are interested in what you do, and that a customer will likely return to you for future business.

Why not use your tips above to give your website a tune-up today?

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