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HVAC video marketing – a new direction for your online marketing?

If you’re in the HVAC or other service business, it can be difficult to catch your customers’ eye. So how do you keep people aware of what you do, propel your website to the top of search pages, and remain current?

Have you considered boosting your online presence with HVAC video marketing?

HVAC video marketing

How-to videos are very popular on YouTube. Did you know that they are just as popular on search engines? The biggest search engine in the world (Google) will display video results on the 1st page of results. This is an excellent way to catch the eye of prospective customers.

What’s interesting is that YouTube itself is also a search engine, and it regularly outranks Google for traffic (well, in a way – Google owns YouTube!). In fact, if you’re using a desktop computer, YouTube results are often the very 1st results you see.

Having your videos on YouTube will benefit you in many ways, not just because your customers can watch what you do. You can also use your videos to rank your webpages by doing the following:

  • Link relevant blog posts in the details section of each YouTube video
  • Link social media accounts on your YouTube videos and profile
  • Link contact details and website on your YouTube profile
  • Embed YouTube videos onto your website

Embedding your YouTube videos onto your website is beneficial for both platforms. Every time a visitor views your video on the website, your view count increases. As your view count increases, and particularly if it increases over a short amount of time, your video will climb higher in the search rankings.

How To Get Started

The quickest way to get underway is to tell your viewers/customers what you do and why you do it. See the Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning Channel Trailer for an example of how this is done extremely well. Video editing software is relatively inexpensive and with minimal investment you can end up with something slick and well produced.

A trailer video on your HVAC channel is a teaser/taster for what you’re going to cover on your YouTube account. Keep it short, no longer than 1 min 30 seconds, and subtitle any speech in the video.

What next in video?

Remember when we discussed blog topics for HVAC companies?

The same rules apply when you’re compiling videos for a YouTube channel. Here are two examples from two very different channels that show just how you can vary your content and attract customers to your business

A day in the life of an HVAC Technician

HVAC 10 Commandments

What about audio?

Podcasts are extremely popular, far more popular than you’d imagine. You don’t need to be stationary to listen to a podcast and many people download them and listen as they’re going about their daily business, commuting etc. It’s an excellent way to teach people about what you do.

We recommend checking out the HVAC School – For Techs, By Techs podcast for an example of how this can be done extremely well and to great success. It’s the number one ranking podcast for HVACs!

Can You Use Your Video Elsewhere?

Absolutely! We recommend uploading videos directly to YouTube for sharing on most social media accounts, embedding on your website, and search purposes. When it comes to Facebook, however, we recommend uploading the same video directly for all to see.

The Facebook algorithm prefers ‘native video’ which is video uploaded directly to the platform. If you’ve made that video, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from it in many ways.

When you’re selling your company the biggest investment you need to make is your time. You can see that investing your time in creating unique video and audio content may just benefit your HVAC company.

Are you making HVAC marketing videos yet or do you have a favorite channel that you’d recommend to others?

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