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Field management and customer support

Last week we talked about New Year resolutions, and also about how to implement all necessary changes in your field management company to make those resolutions come true during 2018. Today we’ll focus on one of the most important areas for any company, no matter what industry they belong to – including field management, of course: Customer support.

The world has changed a lot (and quite fast, to be honest) in the last few years. Some businesses, however, claim they’ve been doing always the same, working the same way. But this is not true. Even if your company’s product remains the same, the way you work has changed, though you may not have noticed it. For starters, now smartphones and internet connectivity make work much more versatile. You have immediate access to information, anytime, anywhere. And let us not forget social media, which help you give a faster, closer and more efficient service to your customers.

Field management and customer support

Yes: the way to do business today has changed, and so has Customer support. This change also affects field management companies. In this article we’ll share 5 key points that you should consider if you want to give better support to your customers, and keep on top of your closest competitors.

1. Accept expectations.

Nowadays customers are more exigent than ever – also in field management. This is already a globalized environment, so you’ll be constantly compared not only against your own competitors, but also against any other kind of business. Be ready to accept those expectations and live up to them.

2. Deliver personal experience.

Receiving personal attention is one of the points that people value most when dealing with any kind of company. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember your customers’ names or services history. You can always make use of the right software solution to help you deliver the most personal experience you can to your customers, just they way they expect it to be.

3. Be quick, especially in social media.

All companies today use social media – and that, of course, includes field management. This means that people have got used to getting immediate responses. You can’t make them wait three days to get a response by email, or even a few hours to receive a reply via Twitter or Facebook. You must be quick and efficient, even if it’s only to acknowledge the message and let the customer know you’re working on finding a solution.

4. Get used to technology.

At first, the idea of making your field management company fully digital may seem daunting, especially among people in your team who may not be used to it. But embracing technology surely has lots of advantages. It pays to do some research, try a few software solutions and make an investment in the one that best suits your needs. Technology will help you adapt to these times and offer your services accordingly – not as if we still were in the 20th century.

5. Make things easier for customers.

Among all those field management companies, how can you stand out? A good way to achieve it is to make things easier for potential customers. Make your business easier to find (both in real life and online!), design your website so that it’s easier to use, make your technicians use optimized routes so that they can attend more calls. In short, the easiest company is one that most customers will prefer.

In summary, these five key points will help you keep up with the times. Otherwise, you may end up being overtaken by your competitors – or even worse, closing the business for good. Synchroteam can lend you a hand with it, so don’t forget to take a look at our free demo.

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