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Maintenance schedule for air conditioning systems

HVAC systems – that is, cooling and heating spaces – take almost half of energy spending in an average home. This is why it’s so important to create a maintenance schedule for the air conditioning units that your customers have installed at home. A task in which, by the way, using the appropriate software can be really helpful.

As time goes by, air filters in air conditioning units get dirty with usage, and their cooling system becomes less and less efficient. A good, timely maintenance schedule ensures periodic revisions, which not only help your customers save money in energy, but also make the HVAC installation work better and create healthier living conditions for everyone at home.

Maintenance schedule for your air conditioning system

Now that summer and hot temperatures are just around the corner, it’s time to get that  maintenance schedule started and remind your customers of the importance of air conditioning revisions. Here’s five reasons why now is a perfect time for an HVAC check-up.


Improved efficiency

All air conditioning units are made up of tubes, fans and motors prepared to run at a high speed in optimal conditions. However, with time and usage dust begins to grow on all these elements, and prevents them from working at the speed they should. The result is a slower machine, that has to work more, thus wasting energy and cooling less than before. What’s more, this dirt can even make the machine die sooner.

Setting up a maintenance schedule with your customers will let you help them avoid these problems, and keep their HVAC systems as clean and efficient as they were on their first day.


Lower energy bills

As we said before, half of the energy bill in an average home goes to the energy necessary to heat up or cool down rooms. This is why any change you apply to an HVAC installation, no matter how small it is, can have a very important impact in the family’s savings.

If you create a maintenance schedule for your customers you’ll be able to keep those air conditioning units always in perfect shape, without any excessive dust, thus avoiding any possible waste of energy.

Maintenance schedule for your air conditioning system

Less repairs

When you use a machine in a poor state, you’re setting up the perfect environment for constant repairs. Any machine works best when you keep it clean, as close to the state it was when unboxed for the first time as possible.

Get in touch with your customers and work on a maintenance schedule with them. Then arrange a professional clean-up from time to time, which will also give you the chance to look for any additional issues. A revision in time can save a lot of further repairs.


Better air quality

Air conditioning units are designed not only to cool down the space, but also to keep the environment clean. Air filters in each unit clean the air as it goes through them, keeping it free from dust, bacteria, germs and other harmful elements. However, this cleaning feature is only really effective if the right maintenance schedule is in place.

Periodic revisions of your customers’ HVAC systems allow you to keep them in perfect shape, with the necessary level of cleanliness – and thus avoid the presence of germs in the air. Something even more important if any member of the family has any kind of respiratory illness.


Maintenance schedule is a must

An air conditioning system that’s revised and clean from time to time is going to be a system that works right, that keeps the air clean and of course, that cools down the house for the summer. So, get moving with Synchroteam and start creating maintenance schedules for all your customers.

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