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The perfect website for your field service company

If you’re thinking about how to make your field service company grow, let us give you some advice: don’t stick to traditional marketing methods. There’s a tool with which you’ll be able to reach thousands of people anytime, anywhere: a website!

A while ago we already said that having a website was a really good idea for your field service company. Today, we’ll go over several important elements you must take into account to create a functional, convenient, informative website that helps you grow your business.

What makes a website successful? What must-haves does your HVAC company website need? In order to answer these and other questions, we’ve created a list with 5 key points. Don’t miss it!

The perfect website for your field service company

A simple, responsive layout

If you want to turn your field service company website into a real marketing tool, forget about colorful, overelaborate designs. Go instead for a clean website, with lots of clear space, and a simple structure. Don’t forget to highlight the most important information, and organize content so that it invites users to take action – that is, get in touch with you and hire your services. Most importantly: remember more than half of your users will visit the website from a smartphone, so make sure your design is responsive.

Easy menus

If your field service company website has more than six elements, it’s already overcrowded. The best option is to streamline the menu to the most important topics, and then use subcategories if necessary to add more detailed information. In this way, the visitor won’t feel overwhelmed with too much information since the beginning.

Eye-catching images

OK, maybe a field service company is not as attractive at first sight as the industry of entertainment, fashion or cosmetics. But this is no excuse to use boring photos in your website! It’s a marketing tool, and therefore you must use images to attract people. Consider investing in professional images – from stock, or hiring a photographer – that showcase your location, your projects, your staff… The photos you choose can be a great way to convey the perfect message. And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Clear contact information

The main objective of your field service company website is to encourage visitors to contact you, so you want to make that as easy for them as possible. Include your business phone number in a prominent position, such as the top right corner. Likewise, make use of forms all throughout the web to invite people to get in touch with your company. Also, don’t forget about mobile users: include a button that lets them call your company directly from their device with a single tap.

Customer testimonials

In the field service company industry, where people try to decide if they can trust your company with their needs, testimonials are key. Make sure your website includes positive reviews from other customers who had a good experience with your services. In this way, you’ll prove you’re a trustworthy company.

The perfect website for your field service company


What you must NOT do

Taking these points into account is important – just like knowing what you must not do in your field service company website.

For instance, Flash may seem attractive but it’s outdated, can make your website sluggish and is not supported by all devices. In fact, you could easily more than half of your visitors: all those coming from smartphones and tablets.

Another element you should avoid is having too much text – that is, text chunks with really long paragraphs. Use short texts and bulleted lists instead (just like the layout of this post) to help the user scan the text more easily and find just what they’re looking for.



The moment someone visits your website, you have an excellent chance to turn this person into a customer for your field service company. And with the help of Synchroteam, you can provide them with top-notch attention. Use all the key elements in the list to make the most of this opportunity!

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