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Running a field service management company? Here’s how to get free advertisement

Any company that wants to succeed must stay in the public eye for as long as possible. In the end, whether it’s a field service management company or any other type of business, a company needs its brand to be well-known – and the traditional way to achieve this is advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Now, what if you’re not a giant like Apple or Coca-Cola, and your advertisement budget is a bit too small? The lack of investment in marketing is a real issue for any field service management company, especially if we take into account the ever-growing competence and the difficulty to stand out above the others.

So if you want your brand to be known, no matter if you have the means or not to achieve it, it’s still a good idea to try out new ways to get more publicity for your field service management company… and even more if they’re free! In this article we’ll suggest a few.

Send press releases

Press releases feel a bit old-school, but they still work. Just take into account that in a world dominated by Internet and social media, press releases are a bit a hit-or-miss tool. But it the media choose to publish your press release, there it is: free advertisement for the new product or service released by your field service management company without hardly any investment.

From that moment on, you can also establish a good relationship with the press that usually covers your sector. Just make sure you provide specialized journalists with juicy information and early access to new products, and they’ll probably show their gratitude with articles about you and your business.

Take part in charitable events

Giving back to the community part of what you earn doesn’t only make you feel good, it can also give you certain benefits such as free advertisement for your field service management company. You won’t even have to take money out of the bank! You can, for instance, offer a free HVAC revision to any NGO or similar organization that accepts donated work. A very positive point for your business!

Stay active on social media

We’ve already mentioned a few times the importance of being active on social media. A large percentage of potential customers for your field service management company may find you thanks to them. So if you haven’t done so yet, create company profiles on Facebook and Twitter, design a corporate website (or even a blog!) and start using them to share relevant content related to your business and professional field.

Join relevant industry events

Besides the charitable events aforementioned, you can also get some free publicity by taking part in conferences and talks related to the field service management professional field. It’s a great way not only to make some valuable networking with other companies, but also to be a speaker in any of those events. If the chance arises, lose the public-speaking fear and grab it!

Win awards!

Most industry fields have a bunch of award-giving competitions, and for your field service management company, winning one of those would be a great way to obtain lots of free advertisement. All HVAC industry related media would publish the news, and of course you’d have tons of interesting material to share on social media, send as press release or even write about on your own blog – like we did in Synchroteam.

These tips will surely help you get free publicity with less effort. The same happens when you start using Synchroteam! Everything suddenly becomes easier to handle. Download the free demo now and let us help you run your field service management company.

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