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Field management software: 5 key points

There are many reasons why an HVAC company may decide to start using a field management software, such as Synchroteam, as part of their business strategy. These programs have a lot advantages, and in this article we’ll list a few of the most important ones..

Field management software: 5 key points

Better communication

One of the best features of field management software is that it gives you instant access to all the information you have stored about your customers. When you use field management software, all the workers in your company can access each customer’s job history in a couple of clicks: services, invoices and so on.

In this sense, it doesn’t matter who deals with the customer, because they will have the most up-to-date information always at hand. Customers will receive a more personalized treatment and, in turn, your workers won’t waste so much time while searching for important information. A field management software like Synchroteam keeps everyone on the same page, which has a positive impact on your company.


Better scheduling and dispatching

Field management software can also help with internal communication, enhancing service scheduling and dispatching. This kind of software can help technicians out in the field communicate more effectively with workers who stay back in the office, and organize their schedule more easily. In fact, many of these software tools, such as Synchroteam, offer mobile versions that allow workers to check their daily schedule and assigned jobs even before heading into the office.

These features of field management software also allow you to locate workers, so it’s easier to calculate the approximate time of arrival to each customer, or find a coworker nearby who can lend a hand if necessary. In the end, all these tools help your company deliver a better service.


Route optimization

WIth the help of field management software you can not only enhance service scheduling and dispatching, but also create more optimized routes. In this way you’ll be able to use more sensible routes, and stop wasting time and money with zig-zags and detours.

Optimal routes created with a program like Synchroteam allow your technicians to spend less time in their vehicles going from one job to another, and more time with each customer thus providing them with a higher quality service. Field management software saves you headaches when scheduling services, and makes this task faster and easier.

Field management software: 5 key points


Easier to use, totally portable

Another advantage of using field management software? Mobility. Like we said before (and so it is in the case of Synchroteam), most of these programs have mobile-compatible modules that allow workers to access any information they may need, anytime, anywhere.

In this way you can eliminate the worries of leaving an important document back in the office when visiting a customer, or not having printed a necessary paper in time. What’s more, customers can also sign invoices in digital format on site, once the job is done, thus speeding up the whole invoicing process.


Going paperless

Last but not least, field management software can help you in your way towards a totally paperless office. Working in a completely digital environment has quite a few advantages: you save a lot of money in paper expenses, and you don’t waste any time printing paper or searching for paper documents all over the office.

With a field management software like Synchroteam all the necessary documents are saved in one convenient place, which you can also access anytime, in any place.


Do you think these five advantages of field management software can help you and your HVAC company? Download Synchroteam’s free demo now and see how these key features (and others too!) can help you take your business to the next level.

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