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Dispatch software and HVAC technicians

Dispatch software can be really helpful in managing your HVAC company, but there’s something it cannot replace: human interaction, that is, the relationship between your customers and the technicians in your team.

Thanks to the integration of technology in the HVAC field, technicians are now more ready than ever when it comes to go out in the field. Dispatch software lets them review your customer’s repair history, check who took over each task and even schedule preventive maintenance tasks to avoid further repairs in the future. Plus, all of the above can be done via a simple smartphone.

Technicians are also the face of your company before customers. They are the person your customers speak to, and the ones who take all the important decisions regarding each case. So, even if no kind of dispatch software (not even Synchroteam!) can replace the technician – customer interaction, they can help make your service faster and more effective. Therefore your customers are totally satisfied and will probably end up recommending your company to other people.

Taking this into account, there are four important points in which the appropriate dispatch software can help your technicians provide a better service – and thus successfully complete their tasks.

Customer’s confidence

Your customers want to be sure that the person in charge of fixing their problem is the best suited for it. No one likes to receive second-class service! And of course, they also want to be sure that the technicians will arrive at the scheduled time, and finish their job accordingly.

Dispatch software can help you with this, allowing real-time tracking of your technicians’ location, direct communication at any time and if necessary, locating nearby personnel who can help with a complicated task – so that the job is finished on time.

Quality of service

There are two key factors in the maintenance field. On the one hand, customers are increasingly demanding, and require a high-quality service. On the other hand, they’re not as loyal as they used to. A small mistake on your part is enough to encourage them to seek help from your competitors.

This is why it’s so important to make the most of your dispatch software, in order to offer the best possible service to your customers. Manage work orders, make checklists so that you don’t forget anything, gather all the necessary information about each visit, create a detailed equipment inventory… in short, everything you need to provide first-class service.

The trust factor

Besides confidence, customers can also feel like they can trust you – and of course, that means trusting the technician that has come to fix their problem. After all, trust is the basis for all human relationships, right? And even if a dispatch software can’t generate trust by itself, it can definitely contribute to make your technicians trustworthy.

Thanks to the mobile tools that you find integrated today in many dispatch software tools, technicians have immediate access to all the information they may need about the customer and the task they’re about to start working on. And a well-informed technician, who knows his job inside out, who fixes the problem straight away, and who has answers for all the customer’s doubts, is someone who undoubtedly generates trust!

Respect and courtesy

We all value our time and money, and don’t anyone making us waste either of them. Of course, this also includes your customers! When they’re searching for a maintenance company they expect an efficient service that won’t make them waste time or money. And it’s your duty to show them that you’ll respect both.

With the help of dispatch software, it’s easy to locate the most qualified (and also nearest) technician, so that the repair doesn’t take long. By shortening waiting times you provide a more efficient service and therefore, generate satisfied customers.


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