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Your field service company and print ads: is it worth it?

Once you’ve decided to take the leap and start using a software solution like Synchroteam for your field service company, everything changes. You start to realize (and enjoy!) the advantages of using automated tools and having access to all work-related documents and information anytime, anywhere. This is when you may wonder if, as a field service company that works mostly online, you should ever bother with print advertising again.

After all, it’s already 2019 and print media sometimes sounds like ancient history. Then again, maybe the target your field service company is aimed at is still clinging to old habits. So, should you go straight ahead with digital tools and strategies, or still consider print advertising as part of your budget? The answer depends, as we just said, of your target audience, as well as the industry in question, Let’s take a deeper look and hopefully we can guide you towards the right decision


What if your customers still use print media?

The first thing you must ask yourself is whether your field service company customers still rely on print advertising to find services they’re looking for. Because you should only invest in adverts on print media if your target users will see them. And the only way to know that is to have a very clear image of who your target users are.

If you still don’t know the answer to that, start by doing some audience research and create customer personas. These are basically standard profiles based on demographic data, that represent the kind of person who would hire your field service company.

With this information you’ll be able to take a more educated decision and keep your advertising efforts on track. And of course, avoid wasting money on ads that nobody will see!

Knowing your users is key in this matter. Because being a field service company, an important percentage of your potential customers likely still relies on print media to look for maintenance companies. People in certain age ranges still reach for the Yellow Pages, or take a look at the classifieds in the newspaper or magazines. And you don’t want to miss those work opportunities by focusing solely on the digital world.

Your field service company and print ads: is it worth it?


Advertising on magazines may still be worth it

Talking about magazines, you may have dreamed at some point about having one of those full-page ads with your field service company logo on an important, nationwide magazine. Would it still make sense today?

The answer depends on the magazine you choose. As weird as it may sounds, you’re probably better off with advertising on a local magazine, versus a national one. Major cities usually have various publications, including newsletters and magazines, which work as perfect advertising platforms for your field service company.

This is because they’re specifically created for the same area you work in, and therefore can end up reaching more potential customers than a national magazine – even if their print run is smaller. The trick here is aiming for more specific targets!


Other ways to make the most of print media

Even though some forms of advertising on print media are quite expensive, don’t restrain yourself out of the idea of saving money. Your field service company can benefit from other print advertising methods which are also a bit cheaper.

Your technicians, for example, should carry business cards and even brochures on each of their visits, along with all their tools and equipment. Something as simple as a card can help satisfied customers spread the word about your services, or call you again in case of need. Talking about brochures, you can also hand those out at local events and fairs.

By the way, you can also combine print advertising with online methods – adding a scannable QR code to anything you print. Make this code point to your website, or even better, to a special page with discounts for those who insert a special code (included in the card or brochure, of course). You can also make it link to your social media profiles, and use those to create a drawing among potential customers of your field service company.

So, as you can see, print advertising still makes sense – always considering, of course, certain parameters. The main point here is knowing who you’re working for, and what kind of ad platform these people turn to when trying to find a field service company. If you get it right, the phone number they’ll ring will be yours.


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