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Field mobility: 4 key points to maximize investment

Investing in field mobility is not just a question of keeping up with the development of new technologies. As we have explained before in other articles on this blog, it’s also a great way to maximize productivity in your field service company – and therefore increase benefits in the long run. Plus it helps you give your customers even a better service, so what else could you ask for?

No matter what your reasons to invest in field mobility are, and how you approach this change at your company, there are four key elements you need to take into account if you want to make the most out of that investment. Here are all the details:

Field mobility: 4 key points to maximize your investment

  1. Mobile technology should be easy to integrate

Companies with teams of workers who spend their day out in the field usually have different systems to manage all the areas in their daily work. Workflows have multiple layers, workers have different needs, and most of the time companies use separate solutions to address them.

The problem is that these systems are often isolated from each other, and don’t share information among them – resulting in bad communication and a negative impact on productivity and customer support.

This is why field mobility technology should work in perfect harmony with any existing systems in your company. This is the only way to keep all business areas connected, across all levels and layers in the workflow, and ensure all the necessary information is properly shared.


2. Mobile solutions should work together with existing systems

Integration with existing systems in your company is only the first step. After that, any field mobility solution you adopt should be able to work seamlessly with those systems in all day-to-day operations.

For instance, if workers have access to any customer’s job history and invoice records, they can deliver a better service when they’re out in the field. They can learn all the details about a certain job beforehand and prepare for it. And they can also provide the customer with a more personal service.


3. Mobile implementation should be as quick as possible

Like with any other change you apply to your company, speed is key here. When talking about a field mobility solution, how fast you can be in setting it up and have it running is really important.

That’s why it’s so necessary to have a solution that integrates easily with existing systems, because that will enable you to be up and running in just a few days, rather than in weeks or even months. The shorter the time to adapt to the new system, the less affected your business will be.


4. Mobile systems should be simple

Adapting to new technologies doesn’t necessarily mean making things more complicated. On the contrary: most field technicians state that the best technology choice is always the one that’s easier to use.

Choosing a complicated field mobility solution may have just the opposite effect: workers will feel overwhelmed, won’t take the necessary time to learn how to use it, and will end up using the old tool – or just making up their own method. On the other side, a system that’s easy enough to implement and start using right away will be quickly adopted by people, thus making it an even better investment.


Field mobility today for tomorrow’s business

You may not be sure whether your field service company needs to take the leap into mobile solutions right now, or even how to approach such a change. However, with a powerful software solution such as Synchroteam you’re well covered in all aspects.

Synchroteam is flexible enough to allow you to implement those changes in your company at your own pace, one step at a time, and give your workers enough time to get used to new tools and new workflows. And in the future, when your company grows, the whole system can be easily adapted to the new business needs with upgrades, changes and new modules.

Download the Synchroteam demo now (it’s free!) and see how it can help you grow and conquer in the field service industry!

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