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Field service business: how to get more leads

As the proud manager of a field service business, you’re a jack of all trades. But how do you deal with the marketing needs of your company?

One of the main worries for any business owner is making more clients and therefore earning more money. And the right tools to achieve these objectives are advertising and marketing. Within these, there are a few strategies, both online and offline, that you can follow in order to generate more leads and make your field service business more successful. Read on and learn how!

Field service business: how to get more leads

The magic of social media

Social media marketing normally requires a well crafted plan to stick to. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram enable you to interact with your potential customers, but bear in mind that it’s something that requires a certain effort and usually only delivers tangible results in the long run.

Depending on your target audience, you should choose the appropriate social media platform to reach them. In the field service business world, this is usually Facebook but you might also want to try LinkedIn or even Instagram. Once you’re all set up, you can start building your online reputation by interacting with followers, answering their questions, giving useful tips… and of course, you can also share information about your company – from serious material such as work ethic, to a more humane side of the business, like your staff celebrating a special day at work.

Social networks also offer integrated marketing tools that you can use to promote or boost certain content to your target audience. If managed correctly, these tools can help you generate quite a few leads.


Content marketing and SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and like social media marketing, is also a long-haul strategy. It takes time and effort, but in the end it may turn out to be one of the most successful ways to generate leads.

When you apply SEO to your field service business website, you’re fine tuning it in order to try to appear higher in search results for certain keywords. Of course, this is not exact science, but with a bit of knowledge on how search engines work, you can make the right changes and additions to your website to improve its ranking – and therefore reach more people.

SEO applied to field service business usually works best when used together with content marketing, which refers to the strategy you apply to your content (your website, your blog, your social media channels) in order to generate leads. In that sense, SEO captures traffic and sends it to your website thanks to keyword optimization; once there, having useful, interesting content keeps that traffic on your website.


Don’t forget about print media

Besides Internet-based marketing, there are more traditional offline strategies you should consider. Think about, for instance, print media and billboards. Focus on local newspapers and billboards located in the middle of town, in order to reach your target audience – that is, those in your service area.

Also, remember to list your field service business in the Yellow Pages of your community, and consider also other forms of print media such as business cards, bumper stickers and merchandising material like pens, calendars, fridge magnets and so on.

Field service business: how to get more leads


The power of word of mouth

When people are looking for a field service business to fix something at home, they usually trust the companies recommended by friends and family. So, those merchandising elements we mentioned before can help your current customers remember your name and share it with potential customers.

Besides that, you can also encourage satisfied customers to write reviews about your service in websites like Google, or social media networks like Facebook.


Marketing and advertising in the field service business is not that difficult, but it does require quite an amount of effort and dedication. It probably doesn’t hurt to hire an expert, even if it’s just a marketing consultant for a few days, to help you out. For all your other business needs, there’s always Synchroteam! Download the free demo now and take your field service business to the next level.

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