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Field service trends to expect in 2020

From upcoming cutting-edge technology and growing customer expectations, to new service delivery models and an evolving workforce, surely there are many important changes and field service trends coming to the industry in this year.

And in order to stay ahead of competitors, one needs to be flexible, anticipate customer needs and adapt to new times and new technologies.

Here are the main trends that we expect to rule the industry of field service in the next few months.

Field service trends in 2020

Field service trends in 2020

Switch to predictive maintenance

Fixing equipment when it breaks is no longer enough. Field service companies need to be more proactive when dealing with repairment jobs. They should encourage customers to adopt a predictive maintenance program rather than wait until the system breaks apart.

As one of the field service trends for this year, this new proactive model could mean that customers are given the necessary parts to replace something that breaks in their system in the future. Also, it means teaching them how to take proper care of the whole installation so that this need for repairs or updates doesn’t come too soon.

Of course, this transition to predictive maintenance also means a change in the way resources are managed. Companies will have to rely more on predictive analysis based on data, and will need to take into account all the information gathered from customers all throughout the year.


Data-based analysis

Talking about predictive analysis, data-driven reports are a must in 2020. As far as field service trends go for this year, the industry really needs to embrace data… and get used to it!

Gathering information from all the different aspects of your company (work orders, workforce organization, routes to customers, frequency of repairs…) can help you dramatically improve the quality of the service you provide. You’ll be able to identify weak points and recurring issues in your workflow, improve productivity and therefore, increase customer satisfaction.

What’s more, this is exactly where a field service management software can really lend you a hand. With the help of tools like Synchroteam, you can easily track all the elements needed for that data-based analysis that will help you make it big this year.


Mobile tools on the rise

Field service trends would not be complete without an eye set on mobile technology. Companies must keep on working on their mobile options, both for their workers and customers.

Most field service software solutions like Synchroteam provide mobile versions of their tools, which have turned into a valuable resource for workers out in the field. With their mobile apps, technicians can track work orders, check inventory, create and share invoices, and keep in touch with colleagues back at the office at all times.

Mobile solutions addressed at customers are also a nice addition if you’re striving to provide a better customer support in 2020. Tools such as a customer portal, online chat and a knowledge base improve customer experience as a whole. 


A more varied workforce

As we already said before in a previous article, the demand for field service workers will continue to grow in the next few years. No wonder then this is another of the field service trends you need to be on the lookout for!

As more field technicians reach the age to retire, it’s important to make the field service industry as attractive as possible for younger generations. In this way, this younger workforce will be able to make the most of this opportunity and learn a new trade that’s on the rise.

Embracing technology, for instance, will surely appeal to a younger generation that’s already very used to working with computers and mobile devices. They’ll learn the necessary skills more quickly and will then apply this new technology in the field.


More demanding customers

As you increase the quality of the services provided by your company, so do the expectations created in potential customers. Industry standards rise, and people expect their equipment to be more reliable and durable.

In order to cope with these ever-growing demands in 2020’s field service trends, companies should invest in a better management of spare parts, help customers to be more autonomous when it comes to small repairs and updating tasks, and excel at communication between the company and the customer.

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