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Top customer experience: 10 ideas to go back to basics

Technology can help deliver a great customer experience, there’s no discussion about that. But besides artificial intelligence, digital assistants, big data, internet of things and all those other tools derived from today’s technology, sometimes all you need is to go back to basics.

Surely modern communication systems enable you to keep in touch with your customers more easily. What’s more, field service software like Synchroteam can be a real asset when thriving to provide the best customer experience. However, it could also be fun if this year you chose a few, say, different ways to connect with your customers and build better relationships with them.

Here’s a few ideas to inspire you to achieve excellent customer experience in 2020!

Top customer experience

1. Stay in touch. This should obviously be the first and most important pillar of customer experience at your company. Don’t forget about your customers once the job is done. Keep in touch with them regularly, even if it’s only a couple of times a year. Could be great for revision jobs, for instance.

2. Avoid long hold times. No one likes to be put on hold. Don’t waste your customer’s time making them wait on the phone. And if you must, try to make it less annoying: let them know what the waiting time will be, or give them the option to be called back.

3. Share customer service tips. If your company has a team of people taking care of customer support, it would be great to have a regular meeting and share tips, advice and examples of how to deliver great customer experience. Also, consider creating contests in order to come up with new ideas and projects around customer support.

4. Celebrate National Customer Service Week. I know, it’s not until October, but hey, forewarned is forearmed! You can already start planning special events and offers for that day and make it about your customers.

5. And celebrate Get To Know Your Customer Day too! Instead of just a week, this happens four times a year, on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July and October). It’s also a great occasion to focus on how to reach the best customer experience.

6. Be more active on Social Media. We’ve talked often about the importance of your presence in social media. Your customers are there, so you should too! Get involved in the conversation, but remember, this is an opportunity to engage, not for marketing…

7. Start using video. Video is a great tool for many different purposes. It’s also coming to more and more platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and beyond. You can use it to create online tutorials, for your Frequently Asked Questions section or even to create a video about your staff.

8. Ask customers for feedback. Delivering top customer experience means you always know what your customers expect from you… but if you don’t, why not ask them right away? Just a simple question such as “Can you think of just one thing we could do better?” is a great way to obtain valuable insights to help improve your customer service.

9. Give back to the community. Customers are important, yes. But so is the community to which you, your business and your customers belong. People love it when companies they usually work with get involved in community projects: charity events, philanthropic causes, NGOs…

10. Don’t forget the employee experience. Part of delivering a great customer experience is making sure you also work hard on your own employee experience. A motivated worker will surely provide a better customer support than an unhappy one. The status quo of a company reflects a lot on the outside, and customers can sense that.


So those are just a few ideas to make customer experience in your company shine in 2020! Now be brave, throw in a couple of them into your workflow and you’ll be surprised at how those little things can have such an impact on customer satisfaction.

Remember that Synchroteam has special customer-centered features that can help you with this project, so download the demo now and start working on it.

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