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Service scheduling software and its positive impact on your business

There are clear benefits when using a service scheduling software in your field service company, the most important of which is increasing the company’s productivity. Actually, 55% or field service organizations consider technology a key element for investment.

When you take the leap into technology-assisted business management, and decide to adopt a service scheduling software like Synchroteam, you give your company immediate advantage over your competitors.

You can schedule, assign and reassign jobs with a couple clicks, track each team’s route and time on the clock, and access any necessary information about the customer or the job itself right on the spot.

Technology such as field service software, mobile apps and GPS speeds up communications, saves pointless trips, and cuts down wasted time and fuel.

Service scheduling software and its positive impact on your business

Track field techs and keep customers up to date

Most service scheduling software tools include a built-in mapping feature (Synchroteam does too, of course!). While out in the field, technicians usually have to make a bunch of trips for different reasons, such as to gather supplies or to refuel. These extra tasks can add some extra pressure to an already packed schedule.

With the help of service scheduling software you can not only track exactly where each team is at any given moment, but also keep your customers up to date with their approximate time of arrival.  

This software helps you optimize routes to save time and fuel, which in time will also let you fit more jobs in the schedule. And you know, the more jobs you accommodate during your working hours, the more revenue for the company!


Avoid mistakes with service scheduling software

One thing all field service company managers should look for is excellency at their work. We all make mistakes, that’s for sure. You can show up at the wrong address, or arrive late because you got the appointment time wrong. But using a field service management software can really help reduce those mistakes and offer a better service.

Instead of making notes on pieces of paper that will get lost (and are only accessible at the office!), keep all the key information about customers and jobs in a centralized place: your service scheduling software. What’s more, if it has a mobile app (like Synchroteam), technicians will be able to access all this information anytime, anywhere.

Adopting a service scheduling software helps prevent the kind of mistakes that can end up snowballing in costly problems for your company. Not to mention the bad impression they may cause in the image your customers have of your company and your technicians.


Preparation is key 

Besides working as quality control tool, and a place to centralize all your information, a service scheduling software also helps your technicians on their daily trips out in the field. 

Traffic jams, construction sites, detours… they can all impact their driving time and make the commute even longer. And this can end up in late appointments or even cancellations.

With the built-in GPS system integrated in most service scheduling software, such as Synchroteam, you can avoid these problems altogether. The GPS tool will always find the best route to the destination, avoiding traffic jams and roadworks.

Less time on the road means happier technicians and customers, and also more money for the company: you save fuel and have more slots in your schedule to attend more jobs!

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