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Dispatch scheduling software: 7 benefits for your company

Running a field service business means facing a few extraordinary challenges in your daily tasks. And in most of these situations, using a dispatch scheduling software can really make a difference.

Field service companies usually operate in various areas of work. They can cover from  medical installations in huge hospitals to small domestic plumbing issues in your neighborhood. This means that each job you sign for is different, and no two days at work are the same.

If your company still relies on pen and paper to manage most processes, the challenge is even greater. This is where dispatch scheduling software can really lend you a hand, by providing you with the necessary tools to manage technicians, customers and all your field service work.

Dispatch scheduling software: 10 benefits for your company

Many tasks in the field service business require certain specific skills and a high level of expertise. Plus, there are also various dependencies among the different stages in the workflow.

What’s more, we mustn’t forget about the emergencies that a bunch of field service companies also face everyday. Not all the jobs can be planned. Professionals such as plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians may also receive a few emergency calls throughout the day. These obviously also need to be taken into account, and somehow fitted into the daily schedule.

If you try to manage all of this without a dispatch scheduling software, you’re going to face serious difficulties. Tasks such as making changes to schedule, allocating technicians to new jobs or accessing a customer’s history represent a real struggle. 

For a serious field service company, having total visibility of work processes and real-time communication with teams is key. And these are just two of the many benefits of using dispatch scheduling software in your business. Here’s a complete list!


Why using dispatch scheduling software makes a difference

1. It gives you full visibility of your teams, so that you know where all your field technicians are at any time. It also helps you identify potential assets to assign them to particular jobs. In this way, you make sure it’s always the right person who gets the job.

2. It lets you schedule new jobs and dispatch a team right on the spot, from the work order, all in just one application. Quicker work processes mean more time to allocate new jobs, and therefore increase your income.

3. It helps you locate the nearest technician to any given job, thus optimizing routes. With a dispatch scheduling software you save fuel and time, and also increase customer’s satisfaction. Nobody likes to be waiting for hours for the technician to come and fix the leak.

4. It gives you the possibility to make changes to the current schedule, accommodating new jobs or emergency calls, in just a couple of clicks. So getting emergency jobs is no longer a problem with your current plan!

5. It lets technicians access any information they may need about the job or the customer from their mobile devices – and also be aware of the changes to schedule mentioned before! They can also check the current stock in parts, and even generate the invoice right on the spot.

6. It helps you track working hours more accurately, including any extra time and also taking into account different rates. Each worker can clock in and clock out from their dispatch scheduling software mobile app for total transparency.

7. It keeps the whole team connected at all times, both the technicians out in the field and the staff that remains at the office – or working from home! Having a solid communication is the key to success in any team-based work process.


If you’re still unsure about adopting a dispatch scheduling software, give it a try with Synchroteam! Download the free demo and let it help you change the way you run your field service company forever. Make the most of your resources, and take your field service business to the next step!

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