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Service management software: 5 tips to choose the best!

After a few months living in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of field service companies have had to deal with major handicaps and disruptions. Most of these are linked to the service management software they use, mainly due to two reasons: either they need to start using one, or the program they use is already outdated.

Some field service companies still have to take the leap into the digital world. They’ve been using pen and paper up to now, but the major challenges brought by the pandemic have proved that this method is simply not enough. Other companies already use service management software, but their current application no longer provides them with all the tools and options they need.

If you find yourself in any of these cases, you’re probably wondering which new service management software you should choose. Well, you’re in the right place! In this article we’ll share 5 key points you need to take into consideration when buying the license for a service management software. Because choosing the right tool for the job will help you be more productive, increase efficiency and drive more revenue.

Service management software: 5 tips to choose the best!


Identify the weak points in your organization

If you reduce your company workflow to the basics, it could be something like this: step 1, the customer hires you; step 2, you get the job done; and step 3, you’re paid for it. But like any other professional workflows, there are dozens of other smaller steps along the way.

The idea here is to take apart the whole workflow, and find out if there is a way to improve any of the steps you take to complete any given job. More importantly, you should analyze how a service management software can help you fix those. The more specific you are, the better. It’s not enough to say “we need to organize this better”; find where your true weakness is, and look for a way to improve it.


Calculate the impact of using software

Did you find a lot of weaknesses when applying the previous point? If so, you’re surely wasting time. And in the field service business, time is money!

Think of all the benefits that the adoption of service management software could bring to your company in terms of efficiency. The time this kind of tool would save you could be invested in other areas such as creating new marketing campaigns, reinforcing your online brand or improving your relationships with customers.


List your essential needs

When you analyze your workflow in search of weak points, make also a separate list with all your essential needs – everything the perfect service management software should include for you.

For instance, if you use Sage or Quickbooks to generate invoices, you’re going to need a tool that supports those. The same applies if you plan on giving mobile devices to your technicians on the field: you’ll need a service management software that can work on the road too!


Examine all your options

That said, bear in mind that not all service management software applications are the same. Like any other thing in life, there are different categories, with diverse sets of features and of course, with varying prices.

But if you’ve already applied the three previous points, you’re ready to choose. You know the main weaknesses in your business, the impact this service management software tool would have on it, and the essential features it must have. Based on this, it’s easy to set up a budget for this investment!


Consider the adaptation process

Last but not least, one final key point you should consider is the cost of adaptation to the new service management software. Because you can buy the best program out there, but if it’s too complicated your technicians won’t feel comfortable using it.

So if you want to get your whole team on the same page when switching to a new service management software tool, first make sure that the key members of your organization fully support it, as they surely will be very helpful in bringing everybody else on board.

Secondly, it’s always a good idea to evaluate the training and support offered by the application you’ve chosen. Are there any training videos, or online manuals? Can you contact Customer Support via phone, email, chat…? These are the kind of details that add the finishing touch to a perfect service management software.

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