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Field service time tracking, now easier with software

As the owner of a field service company, you have many different responsibilities to attend every day. One of the most important ones is surely field service time tracking. That is, having a detailed overview of how your technicians spend their time while at work. But keeping track of this information is also very time consuming!

This is where a field service software solution such as Synchroteam can lend you a hand. Put simply, giving your workers the possibility to clock in, log in hours for each job and then clock out, all by themselves, can save you tons of time.

If you need more detailed time tracking information about your technicians, the best way is to build it into their usual workflow. Let’s see how!

Field service time tracking, now easier with software

Just like you, field service technicians also have a lot on their plate. With every visit they pay to a customer, there are a lot of considerations and small details they need to take into account. That’s why a field service time tracking tool that they can use by themselves is such a good idea.

That said, this tool needs to be as easy to use as possible. It also needs to integrate seamlessly into their daily tasks. As you can imagine, a pen and a notebook is not the ideal solution. It doesn’t allow for quick editing, nor keeps the rest of the staff up to date.

Software, on the other hand, can solve the issue in the blink of an eye. A powerful field service management tool like Synchroteam offers a built-in field service time tracking module, ready to do the work for you. In this way, technicians can integrate time tracking as part of their daily workflow. Also, all the details they enter in the tool are updated in real time, and visible to anyone who needs to check the information.


The field service time tracking module in Synchroteam

With the time tracking feature included in Synchroteam, you can accurately track the time and costs associated with a given job, both per shift and pay period. You can check the information per individual technician, including the time spent travelling, on jobs and on breaks.

The module also distinguishes between regular hours and overtime, so that each member of your team is compensated accordingly for their work.

Field service time tracking, now easier with software

When it comes to logging time, the technician can record exactly how much time they’ve spent on the road, working on the job or even having breaks. The list of available options is totally customizable, depending on the requirements of your specific business field.

The technicians can enter all the information via their Synchroteam mobile app, through a very convenient interface. The app is available both for iOS and Android devices, and integrates totally with the rest of elements in the daily workflow.

Field service time tracking, now easier with software

With this field service time tracking, you can obtain much more detailed information about how the technicians spend their day out in the field. The data gathered by the app includes:

  • time spent on jobs, travelling and other activities, as well as breaks
  • total of hours worked each day
  • time worked within regular hours, versus overtime

Besides, you can also define hourly rates for your technicians. With this information, the system displays a quick summary of regular and overtime hours spent in the field for a given pay period. This allows you to perform a very accurate calculation of the true cost of your operations. As you know, time is money in any business (especially in the field service area!) so using a detailed field service time tracking is really important.

Still relying on pen and paper to control time tracking? Take the leap into the digital world and let Synchroteam do the hard work for you! Our 14-day free trial version offers a complete sneak peek. We’ll provide help with the setup and integration into your current system as part of our services.

Download the demo now!

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