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HVAC field service software: predictions for 2021

One thing is clear: 2020 has totally changed the way field service companies work. And in turn, it has also had an impact on how you use HVAC field service software to help you manage your business.

In 2020, with many countries applying restrictions due to the pandemic, customers expect all processes in field service to be safe. Contactless operations have become the standard. Field technicians need to make sure they have all the tools they need with themselves, to avoid extra trips to the office. And the staff back at the office are mostly working now… from home.

With this current situation, what can we expect from 2021 in the field service industry? Most importantly, how can HVAC field service software help? Here are three top predictions for this year – three business opportunities your company should definitely take advantage of!

HVAC field service software: predictions for 2021


A more flexible workforce

During the first few months of 2020, field service companies soon realized that they needed to switch to remote work. And the sooner they succeeded in doing so, the better they could adapt to the new situation. Though not all field service profiles can benefit from remote working, those who do usually become highly productive, happier employees – and they’re also less expensive for the business.

However, in order to have a successful switch to remote work, you need to rely on HVAC field service software. More specifically, there must be a digital schedule in place, and technicians need a mobile device with a field service app installed on it.

The digital schedule and dispatch included in HVAC field service software apps such as Synchroteam allows technicians to check on their jobs for the day anytime, anywhere. They can revise the job’s location and necessary parts for the tasks.They also have all the customer’s information right at hand, such as repair history and warranty coverage.


Digital transformation speeds up

The focus for field service companies during 2020 has been carrying out the digital transformation of their business. For those organizations which hadn’t taken the step into the digital world yet, this year has undoubtedly helped them speed the process up.

If you’re still relying on pen and paper for most of your daily operations, then the digital transformation of your business should be your top priority in 2021. Luckily for you, HVAC field service software makes it a bit easier. These software tools replace paper-based processes and make your workflow safer and more convenient. Using digital solutions enables you to focus on what’s really important: giving your customers the best possible service.

Not only customers benefit from the digital transformation thanks to HVAC field service software. Technicians also enjoy tools that help them be more productive – saving time and costs.


Focusing on safety

There’s never been such a deep focus on safety as we’ve had in 2020. Both field service technicians and customers need all the processes included in the job to be carried out without any risk of infection.

This will continue to be the trend in 2021. Field service managers must make sure their companies are aligned with all the safety protocols in place. Failing in this area may have important consequences for you.

HVAC field service software: predictions for 2021

If your customers don’t feel safe when hiring your services, they may choose another field service business in the future – one that abides to safety rules. And if your technicians don’t feel safe at work either, they could consider switching to another company. What’s more, you could even be sued for not putting the necessary safety measures in place. In the end, health is more important than a job.

Of course, this is where technology can lend a hand. Using the right HVAC field service software can contribute to minimizing risks and improving safety. Especially if that software includes a mobile version.

With a HVAC field service software mobile app, technicians can be more independent. They don’t need to come to the office to check the schedule or gather paperwork. It’s all done right there, in their mobile devices. Plus, they can also invoice the customer wirelessly, on the spot, to avoid any unnecessary contact.


Let 2021 be YOUR YEAR

Last year put many field service companies through really hard times. But 2021 brings many new opportunities to get ready and achieve success, especially if you have technology on your side. Try the Synchroteam free demo, start increasing your productivity and profitability and make this year count! 

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