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Mobile workforce software: what goals should you set for 2021?

Every time we start a new year, we have an opportunity to establish new goals and make improvements in our life. Mobile workforce software is no exception, as it can be really helpful for your field service company.

Now that we’ve just started 2021, it’s the right time to start thinking about goals for the new year. If you want your field service business to thrive in the next few months, we’ve got a few suggestions for you!

Mobile workforce software: what goals should you set for 2021?


Safety, always first!

Last year was very hard on everyone, including companies in all business fields. Unfortunately, this 2021 we’re still fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Cleanliness, masks and social distance have become essential elements in our lives, and must continue like that. And the same applies to professional environments.

The main goal for this year, therefore, should be to stay healthy, maintain your workplace clean, and make sure your team of field technicians and office personnel are safe at work. This means keeping basic hygiene measures in place, in accordance with the currently established laws. It also implies providing your staff with all the necessary protection material when they’re visiting customers.


Take the digital leap

If you’re still using pen and paper to manage your field service company, it’s about time you replace it with technology! Field service management software can help reduce clutter in the office, saving storage space and tons of paper. With a mobile workforce software app you’ll become more efficient and you will be able to provide a better service to your customers.

Using a mobile workforce software such as Synchroteam you can schedule jobs, plan routes, generate invoices and keep track of all movements, all from your mobile device. What’s more, all this information is automatically synced online and available for everyone else in the business.


Planning is good

One of the big advantages of mobile workforce software apps is that they make scheduling and dispatch really easy. You can also use their planning tools to stay ahead of possible repair jobs.

For instance, a good idea is to schedule maintenance visits for your customers before the high season kicks in, and it’ll prevent them from having to place an urgent call later on – when their HVAC system has broken down..


Review your marketing strategy

Tired of your newspaper ads not working, or your email campaigns not generating replies? You could try something new in 2021. Take the necessary time to consider options and come up with a new marketing strategy to relaunch your business.

A good place to start could be social media. Mind you, if you’ve started using a mobile workforce software this year, why not follow the trend? Online marketing tools can help you attract more users, and share your products and services more easily.


Aim for top quality

In times like these, providing a good customer service is not enough. You must strive for excellence! And mobile workforce software can also help you with that.

A top-notch customer service starts with maintaining a proper schedule, creating more efficient and optimized routes for your technicians, and always keeping your clients up to date. These are all tasks where mobile workforce software apps are a really valuable asset.


Have you already established your goals for 2021? Let Synchroteam help you achieve every single one of them! Download the free demo now and make this year count!


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