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Field service scheduling software: 4 top must-haves

Field service scheduling software applications are quickly becoming an essential asset among field service companies. The reason for their increasing popularity? Easy: with just a little investment on your side, you obtain a tool that helps you focus on what’s important and automate everything else. In other words, you increase productivity, and therefore, income!

There are plenty of field service scheduling software apps out there in the market, such as Synchroteam. But not all of them are equal, and there may be a few of them that don’t live up to your expectations. Or they simply don’t have the necessary tools for your field service business.

So, what kind of features should you be looking for when choosing a field service scheduling software solution? Here’s a list of four main tools your app of choice should definitely include.

Field service scheduling software: 4 top must-haves


Working hours management

The first and most important feature you need in a field service app is management of working hours. With a timesheet managing tool you should be able to track all shifts, both at the office and out in the field. These reports would include standard working hours as well as any extra shifts your employees have taken.

An accurate management of working hours enables you to calculate wages accordingly. Also, block time off when necessary for training, holidays and other special occasions. It’ll also help allocate resources where they’re needed the most, and detect any possible lack thereof.

The timesheet management tool featured in Synchroteam allows you to accurately track time and costs associated, per shift and pay period. For the technician, it’s also a practical tool to record all their activities during work time.


Schedule rules

Another important benefit of using a field service scheduling software tool is the ability to create and manage efficient schedules. As the work at field service companies is heavily based on outdoor activities, it’s important to set and follow certain resource rules.

With a field service scheduling software solution you can easily create different service areas and distribute your staff of technicians accordingly. The resource rules will also help track each worker’s best skills. Therefore it’s easier to match the perfect technician to each job.

Having the right field service software in place can also help in the case any technician needs support from a colleague on the spot. The scheduling tool will enable you to find the perfect candidate to lend them a hand in no time, either by distance and/or skills.


Process automation

If there’s a basic feature in any field service scheduling software app, that is automation. With a tool like Synchroteam in your field service company, you can easily automate any time-consuming processes with just a mouse click.

Tasks like rearranging schedule slots, allocating new resources to a specific job or tracking technicians in real time are just a matter of seconds. The same applies to locating any technician at a given moment. And of course, checking up all working hours, available personnel, and more.


Reporting tools

Last, but not least, the one feature you need to look for when researching for a field service scheduling software is reporting tools. Creating reports of any kind in your field service business is boring and time consuming. But it’s also necessary! Certainly not something you can do incorrectly or simply ignore.

This is why the field service scheduling software of your choice should have powerful reporting capabilities. For instance, technicians should be able to clock in and clock out via the field service scheduling software app installed on their mobile devices. Then, the accounting team can use that information to automatically process payroll checks.

What’s more, having detailed reports of everything that’s going on in your field service business is really useful when it comes to self-analysis. You have a better, more detailed idea of your performance as a company; you can easily detect improvement areas; and the data obtained in those reports also helps when considering making new investments.


Consider Synchroteam!

As you can see, having the right field service scheduling software in place is key, because it may have a great impact in your productivity and your efficiency. It also helps make the job easier for your employees, and the experience better for your customers. Give Synchroteam a chance and see for yourself! Download the free demo now and start a new era in your business.

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