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This is what job dispatch software can do for you

As a field service company manager, you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to improve your business. Either to increase productivity, or to make your customers happier, the road to self-improvement never ends – especially in the field service area. However, finding the perfect method or the right job dispatch software for everything you do on a daily basis can be quite a hard task. 

So, what are the perks of using a software application in your field service company? Does it really make up for all the effort in setting it up and getting your team used to it? Read on to find a few familiar situations, and see how job dispatch software can dramatically improve those… 

This is what job dispatch software can do for you


Paper works just fine 

Oh, yes it does. You can keep on using paper as much as you like. To be honest, you may never stop using it for certain tasks. But switching to a job dispatch software with which you can digitize your customer records, job history, invoices and so on makes the work so much easier!

First things first: taking the digital leap helps save a ton of space. Office space doesn’t often come cheap, so the fewer filing cabinets you need to keep all those paper records, the better. They’re heavy, usually not very attractive and do take up a lot of space.

But space is not the only issue a proper job dispatch software can help you with. When you think about your daily workflow, you probably picture your team at the office answering phones and constantly running up and down to find the information the customer needs at any given time. Modern customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and your personnel probably struggle to keep up with the rhythm.

This takes a toll in productivity at the office. Not to mention field technicians, who should have immediate access to the tools they need and the right documentation anytime, anywhere. In the end, it’s the only way to maintain top-notch customer service.

A job dispatch software tool, such as Synchroteam, provides your staff with all the resources and tools they need to perform their job at the highest standard. Just a few mouse clicks or taps on the mobile device screen are enough to achieve whatever task they’re working on. Checking customer’s history, revising work orders, accessing important documents and images… are just some of the possibilities a job dispatch software puts at the field service technician’s fingertips. No need to make your customer wait or put them on hold!


Now, where did I put that document…

You don’t need to be a large field service corporation to benefit from digital centralization. By having a job dispatch software solution in place, everyone has access to all necessary information at all times. Customer calls, but there’s no one in the office to pick up? No worries: calls are rerouted to the person in charge. Technician needs to check certain data while out in the field? Sure, they can find the answer via the app on their mobile device.

Also, using a field service job dispatch software app such as Synchroteam is probably not as difficult as you think – and it doesn’t require that much of an investment either. A fairly standard laptop and an Internet connection is all you need to get your company up and running in the field service digital world. Being a cloud-based service, Synchroteam takes of everything else. All the information is safely stored with us, and ready for you when you need it the most.

This kind of online centralization offered by job dispatch software apps makes the daily workflow a lot easier and more productive. Technicians, for instance, can issue work orders right from the spot and send them back to the office, or even invoice the customer just after finishing the job. Therefore, having the office and the field teams in sync reduces the risk of lost paperwork or missed appointments – not to mention the huge improvement in efficiency!


Don’t you think 2021 could be the perfect year to start using a job dispatch software application? Download the Synchroteam free demo now and start making use of all its advantages!


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