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3 new features in Synchroteam to boost your productivity

When you’re in charge of a field service company, you need the best tools by your side to make your work easier. And above all, more profitable. Maybe you’re in the HVAC business, or you run a small maintenance shop. Perhaps you’re the manager of a team of technicians in the plumbing or telecom fields. In any case, Synchroteam is there to make you achieve better results.

As technology advances, so does our field service software management tool. And with each new version we’re constantly adding new tools and options that help you in your daily tasks. This is why we’d like to show you three of the latest features integrated in Synchroteam!

3 new features in Synchroteam to boost your productivity


New extensions for optimized workflow

Synchroteam has had support for extensions since day one. This means that you can add new functions to your existing installation, according to the actual needs of your field service company.

Extensions in Synchroteam cover a great deal of areas. From the ability to send real time e-mail or SMS notifications to your customers, to the possibility of linking any other system you have in place with Synchroteam. In that way, it’s possible to make the work together.

For example, if you use Outlook or Google to manage your calendar, you can easily connect it to Synchroteam through the Calendar extension. The same applies to accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Sage.

Now, two new extensions have been added to Synchroteam, with which you can put technology at your service and make your work easier:

1. The online booking extension:

It is a new feature that enables you to receive bookings right from your customers, via an online form. It’s as easy as sharing a web link with your customers, and let them create the job appointment for you. All of them will appear immediately on your Synchroteam schedule.

The form includes customizable fields, depending on the type of data you require: name, phone number, address, etc. You can also define the type of work, and then let the customer choose the time slot that better suits their needs in the weekly calendar.

3 new features in Synchroteam to boost your productivity

2. The Zapier extension:

this new tool brings the possibility to connect Synchroteam to thousands of apps. It’s like giving it a productivity superboost!

If you don’t know about Zapier yet, here’s a quick explanation. It’s a system based on certain events (called triggers) in one application, that launch predefined actions in other applications. For instance, you could create a new invoice in Synchroteam and thanks to Zapier, this invoice is automatically synced with your favorite accounting software.

3 new features in Synchroteam to boost your productivity

This new Zapier extension opens the door to hundreds of connections between your Synchroteam installation and other software applications you may already use. The possibilities are almost endless!


Manage your contracts the easy way

Besides the two new extensions, another feature we’ve recently added to Synchroteam is contract management. In other words, you can now manage contracts for your customers in an easier way.

This new module helps you take full control of all the preventive maintenance and service level agreements you sign with customers, keeping precise follow-ups of any contractual commitments you’ve acquired.

3 new features in Synchroteam to boost your productivity

The contract management module also helps you automate the planning of maintenance schedules and work orders. And most importantly, keep track of the number of hours worked.

In this way, maintenance contracts become a key element in the development of your field service company. They can turn into a source of steady revenue, and with this new module, you can make sure you never miss a service call.


Of course, the online booking extension, the Zapier extension and the contract management module are not the only features you can enjoy in Synchroteam. Download the free demo now, and discover all the other great tools we have to offer! Start using Synchroteam and take your field service business to the next level.


Image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

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