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How field service software helps you grow your business

A field service company is like a complex mechanism. When all the necessary pieces are in place, the whole system works like a well-oiled machine. But when one of the parts in this system is neglected, the whole mechanism could easily break down. And this is where field service software comes to save the day!

If you ask someone about the field service industry, they probably think of the technicians on site. But they are not the only ones. The staff back at the office are just as important for the development of your business. Without people in charge of dispatching, scheduling and invoicing, your field service company certainly wouldn’t go very far!

As the business grows, and you get more customers and more work orders, it’s essential to keep up with the workload. But hiring more technicians and office staff is not always the right solution. Setting up a field service software solution in place will prevent your office personnel from being buried under paperwork.

How field service software helps you grow your business

A larger team doesn’t necessarily mean a faster service. No matter how many people are in your field service business, if the work done at the office creates a bottleneck, you need to look for alternative solutions. Of course, you may think that office tasks don’t take that much time. After all, you can dispatch technicians or send an invoice in just a few minutes. But multiply that for all the customers in a growing business, and you’ll see how things can easily go south.

This is precisely where a field service software app excels. A tool that stands right in the center of the workflow, helping with everyday office tasks. From scheduling new jobs to tracking technicians working hours, this is the kind of tool that quickly turns into an essential asset in your daily work. A top-notch field service software solution like Synchroteam enables you to:

– give a better service to your customers.

– track your technicians out in the field

– fully organize your field service company


Offering the best service to customers

The customer should always be at the center of your business, and field service software helps you with that too. Even with the smallest details, such as texting the customer to inform them that the technician is arriving soon, or that the work can be rescheduled if necessary. These are the kind of courtesies that make people recommend your company to others. And they’re definitely something with which field service software can help. For instance, Synchroteam lets you choose between text and email messages, schedule them and also inform customers of any changes to scheduled jobs.


Supporting technicians in the field

Tracking technicians who are out in the field is an even more demanding task that could surely benefit from a field service software tool. If the technicians themselves are in charge of generating all the necessary reports, they’re bound to fail at some point. Not to mention the waste of time it means!

Fortunately, using the right field service software solution makes it a piece of cake. In the case of Synchroteam, you can track the technician’s exact location at any time, and keep your customer up to date. Technicians can also get directions from the built-in GPS mapping tool. And of course, keeping track of billable hours and breaks along the day is a lot easier.


Improving your field service business

Generally speaking, a field service software tool can help you with all those little, manual tasks that end up taking too much time of your day. Tired of having to manually send messages to customers? The right software app can automate the whole process. Do you need to be constantly reaching out to technicians for a job update? Have them supply that information with a single click, from the field service software app installed on their mobile devices.

And all the time you save from these small tasks, once they’re taken care of by your field service software, can be devoted to what’s really important: making your business grow!


Take action before it’s too late! If you want your field service company to thrive, download the Synchroteam demo for free. See how a field service software app can be really helpful in all sorts of tasks. Take your business to the next level!

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