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Mobile service software, the key to solving invoicing issues

Running a field service business implies handling a lot of different tasks, all of them basically at the same time. Between scheduling jobs, routing technician teams, checking inventory and so on, the day flies away. This is why time management is so important in field service. Something with which luckily, the right mobile service software can really lend a hand.

But why is mobile service software so crucial in the field service business? Because it helps a lot with these daiy, routine tasks. Which in turn, lets you free up more time to give a better service to your customers.

Mobile service software, the key to solving invoicing issues

One of those routine tasks is, of course, invoicing. Not only the invoice generation by itself, but also contacting customers for payment, and reminding those who take longer than expected.

In fact, invoicing is one of those things that can quickly get out of hand when your company reaches a certain size. But at the same time, it’s something too important to neglect, since your revenue depends on it! So, before it becomes a time-consuming task, it’s time to adopt a mobile service software that helps you with it.


Most common invoicing issues

We can find several different issues related to invoicing in the field service business. On the one hand, some companies require upfront payment before starting any work at all, which may take your business to a complete standstill. On the other hand you may encounter yourself in the situation of having completed a job and not receiving any payment for it all.

It’s unfair, but not as uncommon as you may think: some individuals just won’t pay for your services, no matter how many times you remind them. And in the end, besides the obvious loss of money, it’s a big waste of time.

When dealing with this type of person, you have some options at hand. You can keep on reaching out to your customer via phone, in order to discuss payment. Another option is emailing them, with a copy of the invoice. In both cases, though, you’ll need to be as patient and understanding as possible.

And in the case none of these basic measures work, maybe the only option left is outsourcing this task to a so-called collections agency. These agencies help with retrieving due payments, taking a cut from the total amount recovered for their services.


Use mobile service software to invoice

So, what role does mobile service software play in these situations? Well, nobody wants to reach the point of having to go after a customer to make them pay. Or even use a collections agency, for that matter. In order to avoid these issues, mobile service software helps you approach invoicing in a totally different way.

For starters, mobile service software makes the whole process a lot faster. Instead of having to wait for the payment, you can invoice customers on the spot, right after completing the job.

The technicians themselves can take care of the job with their mobile app. Not only can they create the invoice, but also process the payment on-site, and receive it via the app in just a couple of minutes. It’s easier for both parties, and enables technicians to provide a better service to customers on the spot.

Invoicing is, in the end, one of the many tasks in the field service business with which mobile service software can be really helpful. It’s fast, hassle-free and beneficial for both your customers and your business!

Want to see it for yourself? Download the Synchroteam free demo and say goodbye to invoicing issues once and for all!


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