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Dispatch management software: tips for an efficient workflow

Now that we’re well ahead into summer, many people start their HVAC systems only to find they need maintenance. And when the air conditioning goes down, the only thing you want is for it to be up and running again as soon as possible. How to cope with such a high demand of HVAC technicians? Dispatch management software has the answer.

For field service companies that offer HVAC maintenance service, it is key to be able to respond to customers as quickly and efficiently as they can. Especially for customers who have problems with their air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave.

Dispatch management software: tips for an efficient workflow

Part of being efficient in the field service area is having a dispatch management software app that helps you with work order management and technician routes. It’s basically an essential tool for managers and dispatchers acting as a middle-person between technicians and customers.

Having the right software application at work in your HVAC company can really make the difference! Here’s how it can help you optimize the workflow in daily field service operations.


Optimize your schedule

A dispatch management software with an efficient scheduling modulesuch as Synchroteam’s, for instance – allows managers to keep an eye on jobs status in real time. Once technicians mark a job as complete, the system updates the information in real time back at the office. The technician is now free for the next job. All of this, without having to even call the office. The same applies for urgent jobs and last minute services. Managers can assign jobs with a simple drag and drop, and respond to customer’s needs in no time.


Track all work orders

With the field management software, it’s easy to have technicians under control while they’re out in the field. Once they’re finished with a customer, the technician can update the job status via their mobile device. The field manager can then redirect that same technician to the next available job according to distance – and necessary skills. All involved personnel are seamlessly kept up to date.


Make information available

One of the best features of a powerful dispatch management software is the ability to access information anytime, anywhere. Technicians can check all the details related to a specific job before actually starting it. In that way, they make sure they have all the necessary inventory with them. In addition to that, they can also review the customer’s previous history and learn about all the important details they need to take into account.


Be quick, be there

Another important point in which dispatch management software can also be really helpful is speed. The quicker you respond to a customer’s call, the more satisfied they will be with your service. With the help of the right software, you can send work orders to your technician’s mobile device as soon as they enter the system, and get the workflow started.


Find the perfect dispatch management software

When you make up your mind and implement a dispatch management software application in your field service company, the impact is more than noticeable. Dispatchers can manage technicians faster and more efficiently, and customers are happier. Just the kind of results you’d like to achieve with your business!

Download the free Synchroteam demo now and start enjoying all of its features, for free!


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