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The best field service management solution to track jobs

Managing work orders is an essential part of everyday tasks in field service companies. The right field service management solution can help you with it, and make your workflow more efficient.

With an automated system, dispatchers can easily spot available technicians in order to assign new jobs. And they can also send all the necessary information before visiting the customer. What’s more, a field service management solution is also a helpful tool to maintain transparency and communication across all tasks and technicians.

Here’s some other powerful features you should be looking for when choosing the most appropriate field service management solution for you.

The best field service management solution to track jobs

A tool that centralizes all the information

A top-notch field service management solution such as Synchroteam always will show all the important information in one place. That is, a dispatcher assigns a new job to a technician, and all the data the technician needs to complete the task is available right away.

In this way, all the involved personnel can immediately follow up any news or changes related to that task. Of course, if the field service management tool has a mobile app (like Synchroteam does) this can also be really helpful.

With a centralized system like this, you avoid all the unnecessary back-and-forth communication – not to mention trips back to the office in case the technician forgets something.


A tool that lets you track jobs

When you use a field service management solution, job tracking is a lot easier. With this feature, whenever a technician finishes a job, they can use the mobile app to report back to the office. This tool enables them to send information about the work done: reports, on-site pictures and of course, the invoice.

In other words, with a field service management software you can save up a lot of time. The technician doesn’t even need to go back to the office and is immediately available for the next job. Therefore, dispatchers can just continue the workflow and fit in more jobs in the same time frame.


A tool that analyzes performance

Efficiency is important, yes, but so is analyzing your data to find possible improvement areas. If you adopt the right field service management solution, you’ll probably have full operational visibility of your company’s performance and results. And this is the kind of information that sets the path for your business to grow.

For instance, Synchroteam features a robust, fully-documented API with which you can connect it to other information systems (CRM, ERP, accounting platforms or other websites). With this, you can easily centralize all the performance data into one single platform. And when you make performance information easier to review and process, it’s also easier to make your company grow.


The best field service management software

So, in the end, which field service management solution should you choose? Synchroteam is one of the best options available in the market today. All of its features are planned to maximize efficiency and performance. It also includes all the right tools for maximum transparency and communication across your team of technicians.

But hey, don’t take our word for granted! Download the free demo right now, and see for yourself!

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