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HVAC maintenance software: tips to give the best service

Like any other field service business manager, you know you have a key role in the success of your company. At the end of the day, it’s you who end up taking the right decisions in order to keep the business running as usual. And when the unexpected comes (and believe me, it will at some point) you’ll want to have some help on your side. Something in the lines of a professional HVAC maintenance software app that can help you save the day.

For you, and for all the other field service managers struggling to make their companies grow, here’s a bunch of tips that can help you provide a better service to your customers!

Mantenimiento de aire acondicionado: cómo dar el mejor servicio

Establish an email schedule

Besides using an HVAC maintenance software such as Synchroteam, you probably use email. After all, it’s a really handy tool to communicate with customers and suppliers, and keep track of jobs.

But when you keep in touch with so many people, it’s hard to keep track of every single message in due time. Important issues such as delayed payments and restock requests can easily slip through the cracks.

Before this happens, make sure you establish a fixed schedule to go over your email. Taking 30 minutes or one hour to revise messages everyday will prevent your inbox from becoming a total mess. And what’s more important, it’ll help you keep track of all important issues being discussed via email.


Prioritize phone calls

While an HVAC maintenance software can help you deal with many tasks related to field service management, there’s still something else: phone calls. Honestly, you can’t just stop anything you’re doing to answer any call that comes through.

There are a few filters you can apply here in order to prioritize phone calls in your field service company. Does it feel like the conversation is going to take long? Schedule it for later, or even set up a meeting with that person. Is it a call from a vendor, or from a customer? Maybe the latter is more time-sensitive than the former.

However, the best rule here is to prioritize calls from people you pay you, like your company customers. As for the rest, just make them fit around your other scheduled tasks. It’s not a question of being rude, but using your limited time in a wiser way.


Always make backup copies

Being already in 2021, most field service companies have resorted to HVAC maintenance software like Synchroteam to help them manage their business. It’s way faster and more convenient than the classic file cabinet. However, it’s still a good idea to keep hard copies of a few selected important documents.

For those fully committed to a paperless office, just make sure you have redundant copies of all the important documentation. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one backup copy, always in different storage services, of course!

In this way, in case of a technical failure or any other disaster such as a fire or a flood, backup copies will preserve your company data. Your information will be safe!


Keep calm and enjoy work

As a field service company manager, you may rely on HVAC maintenance software to help you with daily tasks. But besides those, a big part of your job is to deal with unexpected issues that may come up.

When the time comes to put out those fires, it’s important that you keep calm. Handling emergencies calmy is definitely the best approach to manage a crisis. It’s just a question of keeping your head clear and knowing who you can talk to in case of needing help.

As a precaution, keep a list of important phone numbers always at hand, and define a set of basic rules to follow for these situations. The more emergency scenarios you address, the better you become at successfully managing them.


Regarding the usual daily work, you can trust Synchroteam as the perfect business partner to take your field service company to the next level. Grab your free demo here and see for yourself!


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