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A field management software will help you save money!

If you want your field service company to thrive, you need to control soft costs from day one. Luckily, this is another element of your business in which a field management software can help.

The main goal in every business is operational efficiency, but you won’t be able to reach it if your soft costs are still too high. In other words, you need to optimize the workflow in your operations in order to reduce soft costs. In this way, your company will be on the way to business profitability.

This is exactly what a field management software does: it helps you be more efficient in your daily tasks, therefore reducing soft costs. And all of this in many different field service areas: security, HVAC, maintenance, and so on. Want to know more?

A field management software will help you save money!

But… What are soft costs?

Before entering the heart of the issue, first we should have some concepts really clear. For instance, what soft costs stand for.

Soft costs are the type of expenses in your company that are not directly related to the execution of a given task. They are just the opposite of what’s known as hard costs.

In other words, hard costs are directly associated with any project you may undertake in your company: labor, materials, parts, that kind of thing. On the other hand, soft costs are basically a lot of what remains of that project. They may not be something tangible but they’re also necessary to complete it.

Think of soft costs as the team coordination in the field, or the management of the staff at the office.


How Synchroteam can help you save money

Once we know what soft costs are, how can a field management software like Synchroteam help reduce those?

The answer is quite simple, actually: Synchroteam helps organize your field service company in every way possible. It’s developed to make your company more efficient and improve all field service management processes.

Optimizing paperwork, scheduling jobs, coordinating field team and invoicing. This is how a field management software such as Synchroteam can help you significantly reduce soft costs in your field service company. And at the same time, it gives you more time to invest in other key areas in the business.


A service scheduling software tool

One of the ways a field management software can help you decrease soft costs is the scheduling system.

Synchroteam features ScheduleAssist, a smart scheduling tool that analyzes your existing schedule and suggests the best time slot for a new job. It takes various factors into account, like the skills required for the job and travel distance to the job location.

An intelligent scheduling system like this embedded into a field management software creates the most efficient schedule possible, thus saving you time and money.


The Synchroteam mobile app

With the Synchroteam mobile app your technicians are seamlessly connected to the team at the office when they’re out. And this is another feature in a field management software that can help you save money in soft costs.

The mobile app works as a kind of “pocket office” for field technicians. They have access to all the documentation and information they need at any given time, which saves lots of unnecessary trips back to the office.

With technicians operating more independently thanks to the field management software app, you’ll save soft costs associated with travelling. Also, the routing to new jobs will be more efficient, which means you’ll be able to allocate more jobs in the same timeframe.


Faster invoices, more profit

Another element in your  business in which field management software can be really helpful is invoicing. First, the technician can generate the invoice right on the spot, as soon as the job is finished, with their mobile app. Then, the invoice is automatically sent to the office and shared with the accounting department.

And when you’re able to streamline the whole invoicing process, it contributes to saving your company a lot of time and increasing your revenue.

With a field management software like Synchroteam in place, you can save money every step of the way. From the moment you schedule a new job to the invoice, this application helps you increase efficiency. And also streamline workflows, and improve communications. And all these benefits work together towards the main goal in your field business company: reduce soft costs and improve business profits.

Download the free demo and check it out!


Image by olia danilevich on Pexels

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