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Field service business: four trending technologies

We’ve all heard a lot about the new technologies that are being applied to the field service business area. But, how much do you really know about them? Can they have an actual impact on your workflow – and above all, your income? Do they really help make your operations more efficient?

Some field service business managers may be happy just as they are, with their current workflows and processes. Meanwhile, others like to step out of their comfort zone and try out these new technologies. Not only can they help automate daily operations, but they can also increase efficiency. And in the long run, that can only bring good results!

Let’s take a look at four of the most attractive technology trends that you definitely need to keep an eye on. That is, besides your trusted field service software, Synchroteam!

Field service business: four trending technologies


IoT (Internet of Things)

You’ve probably heard of this one before, because there’s been a lot of buzz around it. The IoT actually stands for “Internet of Things”, and refers to any device that works by connecting itself to the Internet. From small computerized chips to all sorts of domestic appliances, the IoT is almost everywhere these days!

Thanks to this technology, technicians in the field service business can be more proactive than reactive. For instance, you can install Internet-enabled sensors in any HVAC infrastructure in order to monitor them remotely. In case there’s any malfunction or emergency, the system will automatically send an alert.

The sensors can also track the current status and send reminders for maintenance. What’s more, in some cases technicians may be able to check on the installation remotely, without even having to stop by.



Wearables are also quite well known these days. In fact, maybe you’re wearing one of them right now! And their impact on the field service business industry can also be very positive.

With the help of wearables such as the smartwatches developed by Apple or Samsung, the work of field service business technicians is safer. Before, they had to drop everything they were doing to answer a call. This was not only quite inconvenient, but could also be somewhat dangerous if they were managing machinery at the moment.

Wearables make phone calls a lot easier to deal with, just a tap away on the device’s screen. They can also alert the technician of any important notification, or even work as a dictation device to transcribe notes.



Drones have proved themselves quite useful in recent years for many different situations. And that includes now the tasks your field service business team may be assigned.

Say you’re in charge of maintaining a network tower, or any other tall structure. Sending a technician up to inspect the installation can be dangerous – and also quite costly. So, why not let a drone take care of the job?

This is why many field service business companies are adopting drones. They make preventative maintenance so much easier, and also a lot cheaper. They can help monitor vast extensions of lands with minimal effort, and collect lots of information. What’s more, you can even use them to deliver small parts right to the job’s location!


3D printing

Last but not least, 3D printing is another trending technology that also brings great opportunities to your field service business.

They may not be very popular yet, but 3D printers provide you with the ability to create (“print”) small objects which can be helpful in certain occasions. Imagine telling your customer you can’t finish the job until the next week, because you’re waiting for the required part. A 3D printer would eliminate the waiting, as you could just print that part by yourself. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!


Yes, many of these innovative technologies may still seem like the distant future, but they’re actually real! And the most pioneering field service business companies are already putting them to work. So if you don’t want to miss the trend, consider adopting and using them together with Synchroteam !


Image by Alex Knight on Pexels

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