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What is field service report software, and why do you need it?

One of the main differences between a good field service company and a great field service company is customer support. In fact, the quality of customer service often serves as a main distinction point between brands. Because doing a good job at your field service company is not only a question of performing the requested installation or maintenance tasks. It’s also about keeping the customer informed about the technician’s arrival time, invoicing them in a timely manner and keeping detailed records of all your daily operations. And in all these tasks, a field service report software like Synchroteam can make a huge difference.

Think about it: you may have already hired real experts, both for the technical team out in the field and for the staff that stays back in the office. But when an important percentage of your work is based on manual logging, mistakes are bound to happen.

This is why you need to get yourself familiar with field service report software apps such as Synchroteam. Learn in this post about some of their advantages, and how they can help you provide a better service for your customers.

What is field service report software, and why do you need it?

More efficient scheduling

Any mobile team in any service field industry area (HVAC, telecom, medical…) can benefit immediately from field service report software. Why? Because this tool makes scheduling and dispatching of teams much more efficient. By managing your available slots more efficiently, you can make more of your time, and fit in more jobs in the same working hours.

Also, if any appointment takes longer than expected or is cancelled, the right field service report software takes care of it. It can reschedule the job, choose the most suitable route and redirect the team so that no time is wasted. It’s really a great way to save time and money.


Full transparency

You know when you hire an Uber, and you can track the driver in real time while they’re approaching your location? Now you can apply the same technology to your technicians thanks to field service report software. These tools allow the customer to check your current location at any time, rather than having to call to find out if you’re already on your way.

Of course, it’s also a great tool for field service managers, who can pull up the location of any team out in the field at any given time. Besides, it helps you better calculate overtime hours and traveling times.


Better invoicing

If you take too long to send an invoice to a given customer (or even worse, charge the wrong amount)  it doesn’t exactly project a very professional image of your company. But these billing mistakes may happen if you still rely on pen and paper.

On the other hand, as field service report software replaces manual processes, it also makes these mistakes a lot less prone to happen. Technicians can invoice customers right on the spot via their mobile app, so there’s no need to wait. And the software calculates everything automatically, including materials, discounts and so on, so there’s no room for error.


Improved stock management

One of the key elements in field service jobs is making sure you have all the necessary parts with you when you start working. Because if you’re missing anything you need for the job, it’s a waste of everyone’s time: the technician’s, who needs to go back to the office, and the customer’s, who may not hire your company again.

Unless, of course, you count on a field service report software tool! They can automatically track inventory and predict which parts a technician will need for each job. What’s more, you have a clear view of all remaining stock, and can easily order new parts when running low.


Highly detailed analytics

In order to build a successful company, doing a great job and providing excellent customer support are essential. But you also need to keep an eye on statistics, something in which field service report software can be really helpful.

This kind of software usually includes a fully detailed analytics dashboard, in which you can check all sorts of reports, graphs and statistics about the performance of your team and your company.

Having all this information helps a lot when it’s time to make decisions. Who are the most valued technicians? What kind of services are the most profitable? Is there any way we can cut extra costs?


As you can see, field service report software is the perfect ally to take your field service to the next level. Why don’t you start by downloading Synchroteam’s free demo?


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