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Field maintenance software for preventive jobs

Preventive maintenance can be a really effective asset when used as a professional strategy. In fact, it’s widely used throughout many different business areas, including of course field service industries. And you can easily manage this type of preventive jobs with the right field maintenance software, such as Synchroteam.

Field service companies make use of preventive maintenance tasks to reduce equipment downtime and prevent future worse problems. Just use your field maintenance software to schedule preventive revisions, and you’ll enjoy multiple advantages. You’ll be able to catch any potential machinery failure before it even occurs, making it a cost-effective way to increase productivity and make the slow season more profitable.

Field maintenance software for preventive jobs

What is preventive maintenance?

You will probably understand the concept of preventive maintenance applied to field service companies if you compare it to reactive maintenance. The latter refers to the kind of job that any customer could ask from your field service business when their equipment or machinery fails. In other words, when the machine, or a component of it breaks, you go there and fix it,

On the other hand, preventive maintenance is the kind of precautionary inspection you perform to prevent the need for any potential reactive maintenance in the future. These preemptive jobs are usually scheduled on a regular basis along a timeline, with the help of field maintenance software. In that way, you’re able to keep machinery and equipment up and running optimally, with minimal downtime.

At first sight it may seem that preventive maintenance is hard to implement in your field service business, and also requires more time and effort from your technicians. But this is precisely where a field maintenance software app can lend you a hand.


Benefits of using field maintenance software

Once you decide to adopt a preventive maintenance strategy, the next big step is choosing the right software to help you along the way. Using the ideal application is essential, as it will make the work a lot easier in many aspects.

The perfect field maintenance software application can help you schedule and perform maintenance tasks, while revising the profitability of your preventive maintenance strategy. If you haven’t decided which software tool to use, pay attention to the three key elements listed below. These are the ones you should be looking for when choosing the right maintenance software for your business.


Transparency in maintenance tasks

One of the main features a top-notch field maintenance software app should include is the ability to provide managers with all necessary data. That is, your software of choice should include highly-detailed reporting tools and insights. Not only to manage your preventive maintenance properly, but also to make the best business decisions for your company.

Reporting is one of Synchroteam’s core features. As a field maintenance tool, it offers job reports that can be designed and customized to meet your exact needs, and are accessible to managers and technicians anytime, anywhere.


More autonomy for technicians

Talking about information being accessible, this is another important feature you need in field maintenance software apps. Technicians out in the field should always have all the information they need at hand, so that they can perform the required duties to the best of their ability.

When you choose Synchroteam as your field maintenance software tool, you can also take advantage of its mobile version. The Synchroteam mobile app works like a mobile control center. It gives the technicians all the information they need to work efficiently.


Optimized maintenance tasks

Another key element in field maintenance software apps is having the right tools to produce the optimal working schedule. Your scheduling and dispatch staff can use Synchroteam’s unique ScheduleAssist to analyze your current setup and suggest the best time slot for a new job. The system takes into account the skills required for the job, current driving distance and other factors to make the best choice.


Synchroteam as the field maintenance software of choice

We’ve listed only a few of the benefits of preventive maintenance strategy. And as you can see, Synchroteam includes a wide array of tools and options as a field maintenance software app to help you along the way.

With Synchroteam’s help, your technicians have all the tools they need to optimize preventive maintenance jobs. A well implemented preventive strategy will surely help reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity. And, at the end of the day, it’ll help you provide the best possible service to your customers.


Are you ready to give it a try? Download Synchroteam’s free demo now and take your field service business to the next level!


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