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3 problems dispatch software can fix in field service

Field service operations sometimes turn out to be quite complicated. This is mainly because they depend on a variety of procedures, tools and experts to run like a well-oiled machine. A fine piece of engineering that dispatch software can help maintain working without any hassle.

But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as the proverb goes. This still holds true for your field service company, which like we said depends on a complicated series of circumstances and team members to complete each field service project.

When you see your field service staff is having trouble keeping up with the volume of work, you know you’ve just discovered that weak link. This is a problem that can result in lower customer satisfaction and lower profitability, so it needs to be taken seriously. Time for dispatch software to come to the rescue!

3 problems dispatch software can fix in field service

The difficulties faced by field service companies may vary greatly, but many of them can be overcome by using a dispatch software tool to optimize key procedures. In this post we’ve selected three of the most typical workflow inefficiencies you can find in field service operations. But not only that: we’ve also highlighted remedies for them! Solutions that can make sure that your field service technician team is one of the strongest parts of your business.


Inefficient scheduling in field service

Field service companies sometimes struggle with job scheduling. You need to streamline each field technician schedule, in order to cut down on driving time and increase technician productivity. But at the same time, you need this schedule to be flexible enough to be changed as needed.

This is why scheduling is usually a source of inefficiency and annoyance for technicians. And also for the dispatch team back at the office, for that matter. And it’ll stay this way if your company doesn’t use a dispatch software solution.

You’ll see na increase in efficiency, both in the office and on the job, thanks to scheduling software such as Synchroteam. Its Schedule and Dispatch tool is easy to use, designed to make your job as easy as possible. You can check the daily workload in detail, and drag and drop elements on the screen to make quick changes. Also, our unique planning wizard ScheduleAssist analyzes your existing schedule and automatically suggests the best time slot for a new job.


Too many extra tasks for technicians

Inefficient time tracking and reporting procedures can also increase technician time waste in your field service company, in the same way that inefficient scheduling might. Your technicians must spend as much time as possible carrying out the work which they were recruited for. That is, if you want your field service operations to be successful. A dispatch software solution such as Synchroteam, with its field service time tracking tools, may be the best option if you want to minimize the time and effort required for time monitoring.

Synchroteam makes time tracking as simple as a few clicks, and it can even be managed from the technician’s mobile device. In this way, teams out in the field don’t need to worry about those details. They can concentrate on finishing the task at hand.

You can also use Synchroteam’s reporting tools to make use of this data. With the help of our user-friendly, customizable field service reporting software, you can better understand your field operations.


Duplicate processes that delay field service operations

Technology can be really helpful in the field service area, but it also has its drawbacks. The duplication of procedures caused by the usage of several different digital platforms is another reason for inefficiencies in the field service business.

Operating across many different platforms can result in a number of issues. As each platform requires human data entry, distributing information ends up taking too much time. If you update the information in one platform but not in another, this duplication is undoubtedly prone to errors.

Using different field service management solutions can result in complex issues, that’s true. But there is a straightforward fix for this: choosing a centralized, cloud-based field service software like Synchroteam.

Synchroteam and its dispatch software tools can serve as a hub for communication and information exchange. This cloud-based system stores team schedules, project data, job reports, installation schematics, and more – all accessible anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, Synchroteam comes with a number of connectors that let you smoothly integrate other essential technologies you might already be using, such as QuickBooks, Xero or Sage.


Download the free demo today to find out more about how Synchoteam can improve your field service operations!


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