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Let field service software help you!

There are many reasons why an HVAC company may decide to include a field service software solution in their business strategy. Today, technology is helping in companies thrive in many different areas of industry and commerce, and the HVAC sector can be definitely included in this revolution.

Both your workers and customers can benefit from task automation, which enables technicians to complete jobs faster, and therefore helps you save time and money.

This article sums up some of the advantages your field service company can enjoy if you finally decide to adopt a field service software solution like Synchroteam for your daily workflow.

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Synchroteam at Mobility for Business 2017

Synchroteam at Mobility for Business 2017, Porte de Versailles, Hall 5.1, 17 & 18 October 2017

If any of you are Paris-bound for the rest of the week, be sure to pop over and visit us at Mobility for Business.

Synchroteam at Mobility for Business 2017

We’re here today and tomorrow, as we are every year, waiting to see you at Stand D19. If you’re not familiar with Mobility for Business, it’s a massive trade fair for mobile apps and digital solutions for business. It’s a fascinating show, and a great way to spend the day – but before you race over, a question: Parlez-vous Français?! It’s the one proviso – Mobility for Business is a French-language event.

On se voit la-bàs?

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10 steps to great HVAC newsletters

Last time around we took a look at newsletters in HVAC. Today, we’re going to show you how to make sure your company is creating great HVAC newsletters. Take a look at our 10 tips, try to incorporate them into upcoming newsletters and we guarantee your newsletter results are going to shoot through the roof (uh, figuratively, not literally!). Continue reading

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The HVAC newsletter – a direct line to your customer!

The HVAC newsletter. So many people have them, but so few are making use of this powerful HVAC marketing tool. A newsletter is a semi-regular email or letter that keeps people – most likely your clients – updated on news from your business and other information that might be of interest to them. Businesses like them because they are a really direct way of getting in front of client’s eyes, with the added benefit that many of the people on the list that you send to – the mailing list – have signed up of their own free will.

They WANT you to tell them about your business!

Tell us more about aircon units!

It’s an especially great way to communicate with customers in the HVAC sector, because for you, other types of marketing – like social media, content marketing, and video marketing – are a big ask, depending on your company style and the breadth of your marketing imagination (which can be tough when you’re talking about heating ducts!).

Assess what you’ve got

Do you already have a HVAC newsletter? Do you think it’s as powerful a tool as it could be? Many HVAC businesses don’t. They have a newsletter, but it’s old, unplanned and, speaking honestly, just a little boring. Maybe you haven’t even made the move to email, and still send out a postal mailing a few times a year?

A recent newsletter from Oliver

Oliver’s HVAC newsletter

The great thing about newsletters is that it’s very, very easy to check out the competition. Either sign up for a rival newsletter yourself and check it out when it lands in your inbox, or Google “brand +newsletter” to see what the big names in your industry are doing – many have copies online for people to browse. Either way, take a long hard look at your newsletter and decide if it’s up to scratch. If not, now might be the time to take your HVAC newsletter from average to something that’s definitely top of the class.

No goal, no newsletter!

If you’ve decided to renovate your newsletter, the first thing you need to look at is your overall business and marketing goals. Newsletters are a type of content marketing, and like blog posts, ebooks and videos, it’s something where it is easy to lose time and money without getting anything back.

The way to prevent this is to make sure your newsletter has a goal that helps your marketing goals, which in turn help your business goals. If there’s no goal, warning bells should ring – if you don’t have a goal, you’ve got nothing to aim for, no way of measuring your work and nothing to improve!

Have you tried Synchroteam’s field service software yet? The trial is awesome – and free! Try it now!

Improve your newsletter

How to make an excellent newsletter is a whole article that we’re going to save for another day. That said, we do have a few tips to get you started…

  1. Style – Pay attention to style. Your newsletter should look good and respect company branding
  2. Goals – Bear your goals in mind when writing or planning your newsletter to ensure no effort is wasted
  3. Tools – Consider using a tool like Mailchimp, Maropost, AWeber or Emma to automate the job and make it more professional
  4. Help – Consider outsourcing your newsletter to a professional if you don’t have the skill or desire in-house
  5. Clients – Remember that newsletters are all about your clients, not your company!
  6. Educate – You should be trying to entertain or educate your clients, not selling to them
  7. Continue – Always add a CTA (call to action) to your newsletters. This could be something like “book a check-up”, “download our app” or “talk to an expert” – it should be something that helps facilitate another goal

Getting more subscribers to your HVAC newsletter

Whether or not you have a newsletter, you should be collecting email addresses to add to your mailing list. This often happens when someone becomes a customer, but to add a little extra to the process, consider pop-up notifications on your website asking people to join the list, add new customers (paying attention to local privacy and data collection laws), asking potential clients to join on contact with your company, or simply leaving physical sign-up sheets at events and in shops.

Once you’ve built up a decent audience, try the mailing sequence of content – content – sale (new product, updated product, upsell, etc.) – content – content. Then try to improve the newsletter with every mailing – there are more resources out there than you could possibly need.

A final word of warning – getting email addresses from clients is an impressive feat. It shows they trust you and are confident you won’t abuse that trust. Treat them like gold, or risk losing your customers, and your reputation!

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HVAC video marketing – a new direction for your online marketing?

If you’re in the HVAC or other service business, it can be difficult to catch your customers’ eye. So how do you keep people aware of what you do, propel your website to the top of search pages, and remain current?

Have you considered boosting your online presence with HVAC video marketing?

HVAC video marketing

How-to videos are very popular on YouTube. Did you know that they are just as popular on search engines? The biggest search engine in the world (Google) will display video results on the 1st page of results. This is an excellent way to catch the eye of prospective customers. Continue reading

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5 tips for a hypnotizing HVAC website!

How Does Your Website Grow?

So you have a HVAC website and you’re wondering why so few people stay on it. Let’s face it, HVAC topics can be a hard sell sometimes. If you follow our guidelines, however, there’s no reason why you can’t outshine the rest!

Stay Connected

Do you have social networks for your HVAC company? Make sure to include them on your company website, and make sure those links are ‘clickable’ and open on a separate page or tab.

open new links in new tabs

Check your link settings

Once you attract a visitor to your website, you want them to hang around and see what you’re about. If you direct people way from your site, make sure that the link opens in a new tab. This way the visitors can always return to the original page and you lose less traffic down the rabbit hole that social media can be!

What’s On Your HVAC Website?

Is your website full of text with very few pictures? Is it rich in content and engaging?

Where you do have pictures are you using stock images? We’ve all seen the lovely websites with the same smiley staff members and wondered where we’d seen that friendly (and strangely good-looking) office worker before!

Synchroteam office wall

Ok, so it’s not an employee, but it IS our real office!

One of the greatest assets your company will ever have is your workers. So why not champion the staff and use pictures of them working? This is a great way to engage customers with the work that your team does and to help them identify the people they will meet on a service call.

YouTube And Video

Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? YouTube itself has a powerful search engine which plugs back into Google. You can’t afford not to be on YouTube with your own company-specific channel if search is important to your HVAC company.

The good news is that videos you post on YouTube will boost your search ranking. You can use your channel to share simple fixes for common customer complaints, show a typical day for a service engineer, or even a walkthrough of a recent project. YouTube videos can be easily embedded into most websites and blogs, which you can set to automatically play. Auto-play will increase your views on your channel and ultimately improve your search ranking even further.

Be Responsive

How does your HVAC website look on different devices? Does it adapt to the size of the device you’re using? Does it scale to a handheld smartphone, then increase in size for a tablet, and look completely different on a desktop? If so then you’ve aced one of the most important website tests there is.

Responsive Design Testing

Test the responsiveness of your site with a tool like this

Having a ‘responsive website’ is extremely important on today’s internet. The majority of visitors to your website will use a smartphone to find you. If your website doesn’t work on a smartphone, then it’s time to review your settings.

Keep Customers Informed

It’s always a good idea to use your website to inform your customers of news, updates, and special offers. It’s natural that your news should go onto your website, even if you do enjoy the instant gratification of sharing good news on social media. We’d advise you mark an occasion for posterity and use your website as well.

Even better, why not pop an email subscription box underneath your news, or on the footer of your website? If you can catch the attention of a visitor for long enough they’ll sign up. Treat each email address like gold-dust. It’s a sign that you’re doing something right, that people are interested in what you do, and that a customer will likely return to you for future business.

Why not use your tips above to give your website a tune-up today?

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Blogging for HVAC Companies

In our last post, we looked at how you can use search engines for success by reserving your business space online. However, reserving your location is only part of the bigger picture, because search engines use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to figure out which websites go to the top of a search. Today, we’re going to look about how blogging for HVAC can help your brand.

Say, for example, a customer searched for an air con company in Boston. The first company to come up is “Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning” and it’s easy to see why. This company has a busy, regularly updated, blog.

Blogging is an effective and inexpensive way to boost your search ranking and get your company to the front page of search engine results in your area.

What Can HVAC Companies Blog About?

Perhaps heating, ventilation, and air conditioning might not be the most exciting topics to write about so we’ve got some suggestions for you to get you started.

Why Is My?

Answer the ‘why is my’ question with your blog. To find out what popular questions are about air conditioning we simply asked Google and these are the types of queries that people type:

Why is my aircon question

You are, after all, the expert in your field. You answer all these kind of questions every day, so you’re best qualified to answer.

As you can see, people ask Google questions about HVAC all the time. If you can answer this kind of question on your blog, you’ll easily be able to convert local queries to customers.

Write Relevant Blogs For Your Audience

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you’re based in Alaska and you know a freeze is coming, write about how to keep your heating going in extreme cold. If you’re based in the South, and you hear about a heatwave on the way, write about how air conditioning can regulate the temperature in the office and home.

Tips, Tricks, And How-To

There are some jobs in the home that even the most seasoned HVAC professional doesn’t need to do on a call out, such as bleed a radiator. So why not write an instructional blogpost, or even film a short video showing your customers how to do it themselves. This will show customers that you are an authority in your area, and build trust.

Money Saving/Efficiency Advice

Everybody loves to save money. Write a blog post for your customers on how to use the appliances they already have efficiently. Is it more cost effective to keep your offices at a constant medium temperature, or to keep the offices at a lower temperature with a boost every now and again? How insulation and a proper airtight building can save money in the long run.

Use Social Media To Share Your Content

When you write a blogpost, don’t forget to share it. The more times a blog is shared and read, the more likely it is to go to the top of a search engine query. Use your customer email, and include them in your blog mailing list (with their permission). This gives you a great opportunity to remind your customers of what you do, and how you’re always available to discuss their needs.

Use tools to maximize sharing

We use Buffer to help share our blog posts

Share your blogposts on social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter and don’t be afraid to tag other HVAC companies, not forgetting Synchroteam of course, in your posts. We’re always happy to share interesting blogs and updates with our followers and readers.

Do you blog for your HVAC business? We’d love to hear more about what works for you and how you’ve found it adds to your business!

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Local SEO For Local HVAC Success

Location, Location, Location – Local SEO

When a customer is looking for a HVAC company nearby they no longer pick up the yellow pages and thumb through the listings. The first and probably the only way for them to find out who’s close enough to solve their problem speedily is a search engine.

In the past, you might have spent hours figuring out the text to include in your yellow pages ad. Nowadays it’s quick and easy to mark your territory on the internet, but you do still have to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

We’re going to cover off the two most popular search engines for businesses in this blog post; there are far more than that but these are the websites that the vast majority of your customers will use. Plus, as a bonus, we have another location website that most businesses neglect.

Google For Business

It would be difficult to find somebody who has never heard of Google as it’s the most popular search engine on the planet! Did you know that you can manage your business listing on Google for free? Not only can you get your address and website listed, but you can also have the listing marked on Google Maps, making it extremely easy for your customers to find you.

Info about Synchroteam

While it does take a little bit of time to set up, it’s easy to arrange your listing on Google. It is surprisingly easy to manage too. All you need to do is to sign up for a “Google My Business” account and you can do this with your existing GoogleMail (Gmail) account, or set up a new account altogether. Once your account is set up, it’s easy to mark your business on a map, monitor reviews and feedback, set opening hours, etc. You can also officially verify your business with Google which is a process where they contact you at your postal address to confirm you operate from that location.

The beauty of having your business listed with Google is that you have a virtual location on the search engine which gives customers a preview of your business. This can include images of your offices, busy hours for customers, and a click-to-call button straight at the top of your search engine results.

Bing Places For Business

Similar to Google, Bing allows you to claim your business location online. The process is similar. In this case, you use your Microsoft account to log into Bing Places For Business. You’ll have one of these accounts already if you use any of the Microsoft suite of applications such as Office (Word, Excel etc).

Bing places finds Synchroteam Paris

Interestingly, Bing allows you to hide your exact business address from the search results but still claim your location with a valid address. This could be very helpful for HVAC service companies who use a call centre for customers, for example.

If your company has more than one location, you can easily claim these using the Bing platform and the nearest address will show up in search to those who have their location services switched in their browser.

Apple Maps

Okay, we know that Apple Maps isn’t technically a search engine, but it is used by customers who use Apple software. So if your customers use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac for search (and these are all very popular) then you can’t neglect your business here. In fact, this map is the default for anybody using Apple software.

Apple Maps finds Synchroteam Paris

To claim your business location all you need to do is go to then sign into your Apple account. You will have one of these if you use iTunes, or have one of the devices listed above. If not, it’s easy to set up.

You then set your relationship to your business and follow the simple steps to complete your listing.

If you haven’t got these three location based services enabled for your business then you’re missing a trick!

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Facebook For HVAC Companies – A Basic Guide

If you read our last article, you’re probably already sold on the idea of automating some of your Facebook messages while out of the office. The good news is that today we’re back with a few more tips about using Facebook for HVAC companies.

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Using social media for customer service in the HVAC industry

Social media for customer service – always be on!

As we mentioned in our last post, most people expect responses to Twitter queries within 2 hours of posing a question. And while this might be easy to manage during a 9-5 working day, how do you use social media for customer service outside of office hours?

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