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Management software for the Handyman industry

Being a handyman can get quite hectic sometimes. Sending estimates, scheduling installations and maintenance jobs, tracking payments… these are only a few of your daily tasks - and guess what, Synchroteam can help you with all of it.

With Synchroteam you can schedule jobs and dispatch technicians efficiently, keep track of customer history and inventory, generate invoices and much more, all in one place. The mobile app also lets you assign tasks to your team as they enter the system, and send them all the information they need on the spot for the current inspection: job description, parts needed, customer history, etc.

In case of an emergency call, the built-in GPS tool enables you to assign the nearest technician to the job, thus saving time (and fuel!). This optimized task assignment means being able to accept more jobs and increase your income.

Tired of going after customers who take too long to pay? With Synchroteam you can generate and send invoices in a couple clicks, and then revise and track them to make sure payment comes through. Plus, all your invoices can be connected to other accounting tools such as QuickBooks or Sage.

We offer a cost-effective tool for your management needs, commitment free, with no upgrade or hosting fees. Try our mobile field service software 14-day free day trial we'll provide set up and integration of our applications into your current information systems and train your operators as part of our services. If you'd like to find out more, please contact us!

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