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Job tracking: a powerful tool for the medical sector

Synchroteam provides a web-based job tracking solution designed to enhance your scheduling and job completion.

Job tracking solution to manage emergencies

Whether you’re managing the usual medical equipment maintenance job or attending an emergency call, as a professional contractor you need to keep a good balance between response speed and job reliability. And this is something in which Synchroteam can definitely lend you a hand.

When you use Synchroteam as your medical sector management software, it helps you keep track of your team, customers, installations, repairment jobs… all the important elements you need to stay organized, make a great job and keep your customers happy.

In case you receive an emergency call, there’s no time to lose. We’re talking about medical equipment here, so there’s probably lives at risk. Synchroteam’s built-in GPS tool enables you to assign the nearest technician to the job, thus saving time (and fuel!). This optimized task assignment means being able to accept more jobs and increase your income.

Keep your customers up to date with your current status, and also keep track of all details for your own records. Check the customer’s history, take note of each customer’s preferences, and jot down any important detail, all from one place. You can even do it on your smartphone!

With Synchroteam, you will be using next-generation cloud-based technology to enhance job assignments, reporting and invoicing organization. Our software is an intelligent, multi-functional tool with ease of use at the heart of its design. Keep track of assets, systems, equipment, customers and workers - as well as job scheduling - with this unique tool.

A Job tracking solution directly your CRM or ERP

Synchroteam can install a complete solution or integrate job tracking software into your existing CRM or ERP without data duplication issues and a choice of progressive upgrades to match any changes or evolutions in your business activities.

We provide a no-strings, 14-day free day trial offer with training and set up. For further information about our technology, contact us.

Some of our clients in the medical sector

St Jude Medical Stago
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