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Analyze your technicians' hours

Synchroteam’s Time Tracking feature allows you to accurately track time and costs associated, per shift and pay period.

Because time is money, it is important to record the time spent by each one of your technicians on the field, on the road or even on a break. You also need to track overtime and the costs associated.

This is why we offer you a complete Time Tracking module.

For the Manager

Timesheets: Display the full details of your technicians' time spent travelling, completing jobs and on breaks. But also, the number of hours worked per week in regular hours and in overtime.

Pay periods: define hourly rates and see a summary of regular and overtime hours spent in the field for a given pay period. You can quickly visualize the true cost of your operations.

For the Technician

Android / iOS : In a few gestures, the technician can declare his current status, such as the start / end of an activity, travel, job, break, training... You are free to configure your own list of activities.

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