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Field Service management software for Workforce Management

Field Service Management software designed by Synchroteam is a new generation solution for your business.

How do you manage workforce in your field service business? Whether you’re in the maintenance, plumbing or HVAC sectors, just to name a few, workforce management is a core element in your daily workflow. Learn how Synchroteam can help you with it!

Synchroteam includes a Time Tracking feature with which you can accurately track the time time and costs associated with a given job, both per shift and pay period. Time is money (especially in the field service business!) so it’s really important to keep track of time spent on work and also on the road.

The Time Tracking module includes a special tool in the mobile app that the technician can use to mark their current status: clocking in, clocking out, travelling, working, etc. There are also timesheets where the manager can check the number of hours worked per week, both in regular working hours and in overtime.

Also, Synchroteam’s calendar offers an interactive daily schedule, and weekly or monthly views that enable you to who’s booked and for how long. It also includes two other interesting features: the Job Pool and the Skill Filter. The first one is a list of unassigned tasks technicians can assign to themselves when they have spare time, while the latter lets you quickly find the perfect person for each job based on their skills.

We invite you to experience our intelligent scheduling tool and provide a free trial with set up and training support. If you'd like any further information about Synchroteam service scheduling software, contact us.

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