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Contract Management

Management of field service maintenance contracts made simple and efficient

Take control of your preventive maintenance and service level agreements with Synchroteam's contract management module. Manage contracts with your customers while automating planned maintenance schedules, work orders and keep track of the number of hours worked. Increase your company's revenues with precise follow-ups on contractual commitments made with your customers.

Contract Job Lists

Turn maintenance contracts into a key component of your company's future growth, generating steady revenue and strengthening your customer relationships. Because quality services will ensure that you never miss a service call and optimize your visit schedules.

Synchroteam is your key to ensure long term revenue and profitability by transforming your business into a recurring business

Create a contract: define the name of the contract, the name of the customer, the start date of the contract, the end date of the contract and all the necessary additional information.

Define rules and commitments: indicate the number of hours which are included in your contract, the equipment covered, associate a default job type and define the SLA(s) that applies.

Create/Edit Contract

Keep track of the time spent: if a number of included hours has been specified, you will be able to track the number of hours worked the contract.

Contract: Hours Used

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