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Mobile workforce software: optimize schedule management

Synchroteam has developed mobile workforce software with assignment planning and dispatching at the heart of its functions

Activity tracking: assign and re-assign jobs according to priority, urgency and field workers available to carry out the work. Adopted in the energy sector where engineers and technicians are usually on the road, mobile workforce software helps maintain effceint ongoing communication between team members and organizers thanks to “live” shared information.

Dispatch software: Synchroteam has many features for both office and external job management and is particularly suited to the needs of the energy sector. Specific applications include scheduling, assignment and dispatching, multi-technician jobs, recurring jobs and mapping and directions

Assignments happen faster thanks to realtime notifications, immediate access to customer equipment data and history for each job. With our software, matching field workers to specific jobs becomes effortless and with automated scheduling, job assignments are planned and dispatched quickly and easily. A centralized system avoids over-booking, wasted time slots and unnecessary travel.

Based in the cloud, your business can optimize costs, performance and reporting without investing in hardware. Our mobile apps are a cost-effective way to improve call out response times, system breakdowns and regular monitoring tasks.

Synchroteam offers a free trial where you can discover how 24 hour mobile access to your management data will benefit your business. The field service management solution has been ergonomically designed and is simple to use. Synchroteam will take care of integration and provides free training and support.

Some of our clients in the utilities industry:

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