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Mobile workforce software: optimize schedule management

Synchroteam has developed mobile workforce software with assignment planning and dispatching at the heart of its functions

Adopted in the field service sector, where workers are usually on the road, mobile workforce software such as Synchroteam can really help in job tracking. A couple clicks is all you need to assign and reassign jobs according to priority, urgency and availability.

Synchroteam has many features that make it especially suitable for the energy sector, such as job scheduling, easy technician dispatching, mapping and GPS tracking among others. Matching the right technician to specific jobs is quick and simple, and a centralized, cloud-based system prevents both overbooking and wasted time slots.

Forget about papers and going back to the office to retrieve forgotten documentation. Synchroteam includes everything you need to create invoices (on site!), track expenses and collect payments with credit card.

Keep your customers up to date with your current status, and also keep track of all details for your own records. Check the customer’s history, take note of each customer’s preferences, and jot down any important detail, all from one place. You can even do it on your smartphone!

Synchroteam offers a free trial where you can discover how 24 hour mobile access to your management data will benefit your business. The field service management solution has been ergonomically designed and is simple to use. Synchroteam will take care of integration and provides free training and support.

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